June 11, 2020

Small Business SEO Checklist: Best Ways to Improve Ranking

If you feel that the SEO landscape is confusing and foreign, you might be in need of better professional advice. There is plenty that can be accomplished even if you don’t have in-depth SEO knowledge. And if you are a small business, things get all the more versatile as you start your SEO strategies from scratch. While hiring a professional tops any small business SEO checklist, there are several tips you can follow to kick-start your search engine optimization game in-house. Let’s delve into these tips that are agreed upon by most experts worldwide.

Small Business SEO Checklist

  1. Set up and Optimize your GMB Account
    GMB or Google My Business is an important SEO tool for small businesses today. It is free, easy and highly effective in boosting your visibility online. To begin with, you should set up the GMB profile and verify it. You can include as many pictures, videos and other media to make the listing authentic. A strong GMB listing is key to strengthening your local search position and hence, the first in the small business SEO checklist.
  1. Start Focusing on Review Management Online
    The next in line for SEO tips for small businesses is maintaining good reviews online. The volume, quality and frequency of reviews have a significant role to play in the way search engines rank your site. Besides, good reviews can help get better conversions as they emphasize your dedication towards getting feedback from your clients.
  1. Use Media for Competitive Keywords
    Another great tip that offers SEO help for small business is to use images and videos if your pages are struggling to show up for highly competitive keywords. A well optimized video or image gets noticed and picked up by search engines faster than long content pieces. Besides, visuals are anyway more engaging for your target audience.
  1. Keep Close Watch on the Online Strategies followed by your Competitors
    The best way to do this is to closely analyse the top ten search results for keywords that are relevant to your business. These might not be the most obvious local competitors you expected but these are, in fact, the companies you should be keeping an eye on if you want to improve your SEO strategy for your small business.


  1. Focus on Quality Link Building
    One mistake when trying to reap the benefits of SEO for small business is to underestimate the potential of links. Getting links to your site can actually help improve your rankings considerably. And that simply translates into a boost in website traffic and sales. One way to go about quality link building is to have the approach of being informative and useful to the target audience. Most small business online marketing experts suggest educating others and getting involved in the online community as keys to getting highlighted in search results as well.
  1. Consult a Trusted Local SEO Company
    If you are based in Tampa, it is important to ace your local Tampa SEO game before you can aim for global visibility. While all the above tips for formulating an SEO strategy for small business would help, consulting an expert directly adds to the benefits of SEO for small business. A reputed online marketing professional is better able to analyse your position on the digital platform and then, make suggestions that are promising and streamlined.

In the contemporary digital era, it is imperative to be effective at directing traffic to your online portal. If you truly hope to be at the top of the market, this and efforts directed at boosting your visibility are all inter-linked and equally important. In other words, search engine optimization is an area that you cannot ignore or be casual about.

Apart from the tips on this small business SEO checklist, there are several tools you can use to further improve your ranking and visibility. Call our experts today for a free consultation regarding the type of tools we use for branding and small business online marketing. Also, if you need more advice about outsourcing all your SEO responsibilities, our specialists are available to guide you and answer your queries so that you are better equipped to make an informed decision in this regard.

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