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Florida Power Solutions
Florida Power Solution

A few stats about how VSF’s digital solutions helped
Florida Power Solutions

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Our efforts have been directed at helping Florida Power Solutions overcome the major marketing challenges that they have been facing. When they first approached us, there were serious problems with the quality of their web design and content. Together, it was impacting their marketing efforts and they would always complain about the dearth of leads, visibility and website visitors. After VSF took charge of the project, things have been going uphill.

  • Online enquiries have been flowing in with a whopping 686 enquiries directly from the website and another 868 in the form of phone calls.
  • The online visibility of the company has skyrocketed with an estimated total of 50 search terms for which the website shows up on the first page of Google.
  • There have been noticeable improvements in user retention and audience engagement because of improved web design.

Our Successful Paid Ad Campaigns for Florida Power Solutions

The client benefited hugely from our Paid Ad services as well and Google Analytics data backs up this fact.
  • A huge number of leads- 392- came in from Ads.
  • Another 400 enquiries were made via phone calls as a result of our Paid Ad campaigns.
  • The client’s website got an additional number of visits- more than 6,000! This led to a massive spike in their popularity.
  • We were able to maintain a very reasonable cost per click on overall ad expenses and that helped in maximizing the client’s ROI.
Florida Power Solution Keywords
Florida Power Solution GMB

VSF Driving More Business through GMB Listings

The biggest advantage that the client got from our Google My Business optimization was the awareness about their physical location. There have been a growing number of direction requests coming in from customers who use GMB listings to search for the business. Apart from that, there is an obvious ease of enquiry for the customers via phone calls as contact details get more visibility through these listings.

Our Goal Remains to Help FPS Achieve Theirs!

Ever since our association began with Florida Power Solutions, we have been dedicated towards propelling them towards success. As is visible from Google Analytics data:
  • Their website traffic has grown by over 150%.
  • The number of new visitors as a result of VSF’s efforts has grown by 155%.
  • The user retention has gone up due to VSF’s impeccable web development.
  • There has been significant growth in page views, sessions and pages per session metrics.
Florida Power Solution Analytics

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We have been working with VSF for a good period of time and so far, it has been a rewarding experience. Our business has benefitted a lot from their strategies and suggestions that are developed specifically for our particular goals.

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