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Panorama Tree Care Services
panorama tree care services

A Few Stats about How VSF’s Efforts Helped
Panorama Tree Care

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When Panorama Tree Care Services first approached us, they were facing a host of challenges such as lack of visibility on the internet, a dearth of quality leads/enquiries, a dearth of website visitors and poor quality web design. After a thorough analysis of their problems and requirements, VSF came up with solutions that helped boost quality across multiple fronts. The ultimate result? Soaring leads and an improved ranking.

VSF helped the company dominate the first page of Google with search results showing up on the first page for the relevant search terms. In addition, the company also witnessed:

  • A massive growth in their total website traffic.
  • A huge influx of enquiries from potential customers, making them one of the most sought-after tree service providers in their area.
  • A boost in audience interaction and engagement because of a fresh and beautiful website design.

How Panorama Benefited from VSF’s Organic Efforts

VSF’s organic approach towards digital marketing has proven to be extremely helpful for Panorama’s branding and online image. Not only did our organic SEO efforts improve their ranking but also, placed their website in the top 3 results on Google’s first page, for a total of 14 keywords!
  • Panorama’s website is now positioned within the top 10 search results for 26 keywords and top 20 search results for 50 search terms.
  • Their website now has a good visibility of 23%. That roughly translates into the site being visible within the top results for 23% of targeted search terms from their business niche.
  • The number of organic website visitors is now over 7,000 in number! This has led to a boost in organic lead generation, facilitating the overall growth of the company.
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VSF has been Driving More Business for Panorama Via Local Listings

We have been helping Panorama with Local Pack Listings and Google My Business optimization too. And the biggest advantage of these services was a broadened awareness about their physical address. In just a few years, there have been more than 129 direction requests from potential customers via GMB. This further led to an obvious ease of enquiry for the customers via phone calls.

Over the course of their association with VSF, the company witnessed over 140 calls, over 1600 website visitors who landed on their site via the GMB listing that had showed up on the SERP as a result of relevant search queries.

VSF’s Promise of Consistent Success

A comparison of this client’s earlier online performance with their current status (after their association with VSF) gives further insights into how we have been helping them grow through multiple digital channels. The following figures are based on real-time Google Analytics data:
  • There has been an overall growth of over 275% in website traffic.
  • The number of new visitors to their site has witnessed a huge spike of over 270%.
  • There has been an increase in their user retention rate owing to the design prowess of VSF’s web designers and developers. This improvement is visible in their page views, sessions, decreased bounce rates and pages per session metrics.
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Are you ready to grow with VSF?

Call us today to learn more about how our digital solutions can boost your online presence, just like they did for our client. Depending on the unique aspects of your business, our professionals promise their expertise that will help you become the next inspiring success.

It is remarkable how the entire team of VSF has helped get the results that we had been waiting for. There couldn’t have been a better Return on Investment than the one we have been witnessing ever since our association with Aaron and his team of professionals.

-Panorama Tree Care Services

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