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BlueRidge Realty
Blue Ridge Realty

How VSF Propelled Blue Ridge Realty’s Marketing Efforts towards Success

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Blue Ridge Realty is a locally owned realty company in North Georgia. They approached VSF for a digital marketing consultation to understand and remove the flaws in their existing marketing efforts. Our team of marketing specialists came forth to apply their expertise, fresh thinking methods and results-driven mentality to fix problems like:

  • Poor website design
  • Lack of leads and enquiries
  • Low visibility on the internet
  • Dearth of website visitors

The highlights of the difference we made include:

  • A boost in website traffic.
  • An influx of online enquiries as well as phone calls.
  • Ranking on the first page of Google for organic search results.
  • A beautiful new website that hugely improved audience interaction and engagement with the business.

VSF’s Bespoke Paid Ad Campaigns for Blue Ridge Realty’s marketing

Our paid ad campaigns proved to be very beneficial for the client as they began to see results in the form of growing revenue and widening reach.
  • A huge number of leads came in from Ads, a massive 781 leads to be specific.
  • An additional 279 enquiries came in from customers via phone calls as a result of our Google Ads efforts.
  • An additional 14,000+ website visits results in a massive spike in overall brand awareness and popularity of the business.
  • Maintenance of a very low cost per click of only $0.53, in overall ad expenses which maximized the client’s ROI in the process.
Blue Ridge Realty Keywords
Blue Ridge Realty GMB

How Our GMB Listing Helped the Client Get Better Exposure

We ensured that the local listings for Blue Ridge Realty were in tune with Google’s guidelines. That in turn made it possible for their Google My Business profile to stand out and get free exposure on Google search. Potential customers started to quickly see the business name along with their address and phone number. As a result, there was a rise in enquiries and website visits via the GMB listing. In addition, the ease of enquiry motivated more leads to place direction requests on Google via the same listing.

The Digital Growth According to Google Analytics

The real-time data from Google Analytics gives an insight into the ways VSF has helped Blue Ridge Realty establish themselves on the digital landscape.
  • There has been an overall growth of over 160% in website traffic.
  • The number of new visitors also has a huge spike of over 200%.
  • The user retention on the website has improved.
  • There is ongoing growth in page views, sessions, decreased bounce rates and pages per session metrics.
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