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How VSF Propelled MedBest's Marketing Efforts towards Success

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MedBest is a national executive search firm exclusive to the Senior Living industry. Established in 2001, the firm has come a long way in successfully identifying and recruiting executive talent for the full spectrum of senior living organizations across the US. But just like many reputed companies, they too struggled to build a strong online presence in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. That is where VSF stepped in to help them.

Ever since our experts took over the project, we have seen significant improvements in the client’s web performance, lead generation and audience engagement.

  • The online enquiries that have been pouring in stand at higher than 90 directly from the website and another 180 in the form of direct phone calls.
  • The huge influx of enquiries from potential customers has made the company one of the most sought-after recruitment firms in their niche area.
  • A beautiful new website designed by VSF has also helped boost audience interaction with the business.
  • VSF has helped MedBest dominate the first page of Google with multiple search results showing up on the first page for the targeted search terms.

The Success Story of VSF’s Organic Efforts for MedBest

The whole objective of our tailor-made organic strategies was to ensure that MedBest’s site ranking improved. The latter automatically led to growth across multiple channels. And now:
  • The number of website visitors who land on the website from purely organic searches is over 6000 in number.
  • The overall lead generation has grown for the business.
  • New clients have been coming in and facilitating the overall growth of the company.
  • The organic ranking of the site has a top 3 placement on the first page of Google.
  • The organic positioning of the site is within the top 10 search results for 35
  • The website now has a very high visibility of over 80%!
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VSF’s GMB Optimization has Given Clients Easier Access to MedBest

VSF optimized the MedBest site for the local Google My Business listings. This allowed the business name to appear in Maps and Local Pack Listings, adding to its visibility. In addition, there has been a better awareness regarding the physical address of the client’s business.

A huge number of direction requests have been placed by potential customers using the GMB listing and it has become considerably more convenient for potential leads to connect with the business. This is evident as over 2010 website visitors have landed on the site via the GMB listing that showed up on the SERP as a result of the target search queries. The client has also received over 180 phone calls because of the GMB listing.

A Look at How the Client Continues to Benefit from VSF’s Efforts

VSF has been consistently helping the client with their marketing efforts. And the success rate of the same can be measured by taking a look at the Google Analytics data.
  • There has been an overall growth of over 275% in website traffic
  • The number of new visitors that have reached the site as a result of VSF’s efforts has a huge spike of over 270%.
  • The user retention on the website has increased because of the improved design and structure of the web pages.
  • Growth can be observed in the page views, sessions, decreased bounce rates and pages per session metrics.
Medbest Analytics

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VSF has been helping us get impressive results with SEO, PPC and website management. We are highly optimistic that our association will go a long way as we keep growing because of their expert skills and custom strategies.


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