January 25, 2023

Steps to Create a Roofing Company Website Which Converts

So, you think that you are an excellent roofer and it doesn’t matter how your roofing company website looks as long as they can look up your phone number? Well, you are invariably wrong!
80 percent of people will always research a business online to see reviews before contacting them and making a purchase. If this is the case, then creating a good website is non-negotiable, isn’t it?
4 out of every ten people will stop visiting the website if the layout is difficult or obsolete which means website design is essential to your business. Longer pages generate 220% more traffic than short ones which translates to the fact that the content of your website matters.
You might feel overwhelmed with so much depending on your website but we are here to help you. Read along if you want to build a great roofing website that actually generates leads with almost zero experience.

You can find more resources at digital marketing for roofing companies, if you need it. Here are some points to keep in mind.


The thing that separates any average roofing site from a great one is trust. It is said that trust is the currency of the internet and if you can build trust you will automatically generate more customers and leads.
You should not build up something untrustworthy and only spend money on a company that is worth it. Do not pay for outdated tools that might make your website look like they are in the 1970s.

Choose a Website Builder

Once you have decided to build your own roofing web design, choose wisely. It is an exciting step so make sure you don’t end up in the rabbit hole trying to learn coding or enrolling in web designing.

You will need a website builder. They will have readymade templates for your website or you can even ask them to customize one for you. You will still need to add your own content and pictures.

You have got the choice of a provider and each website builder offers a slightly different experience for roofers. The most popular website builders for roofers are WordPress, Wix, Pedestal, Weebly and Squarespace.
Each of them have their own strengths and weaknesses as well as associated costs. But you can always sign up for their free trial before you make any commitment.

Choose a Roofing Template

If you have already chosen your website builder the next task is to choose a roofing template. All website builders have readymade templates you can choose from.

If you select a construction or roofing company website template, you will instantly get a site for yourself that caters to service based business like yours. This is important because your customers want an experience different from an ecommerce site like Amazon.

Ecommerce stores show products while a roofing website needs to be able to accommodate urgent requests for help for example storm damage of leaking roofs and solve those problems. Roofing websites take these things into account although you might have to check multiple ones to get your needs met.

Add Your Content and Images

You got your roofing website builder and you got your roofing template. What’s next? Well, it is still empty and you need to spruce it up with content and images.

You need your own unique content and images for people to read and see for themselves. Make sure the images are professional and high quality because quality matters.

No blurry iPhone shots please. Regarding content, create something which helps you generate more leads and at the same time is attractive to Google so that it makes you rank higher. You will also need to boost your SEO by publishing precise content.

Add Lead Generating Features

Often successful websites are not built they are assembled in the making. Most roofing websites have the same features not because they are copying each other but these features help to build trust with your site visitors. And the more they trust you the better is your chance of getting customers.

Some of these features include a clickable phone number. Over 50 percent of traffic is generated through mobile devices. You should have a clickable phone number at the top of your site.

You can add a simple call to action like Call Now, or Get an Instant Quote and this will generate more leads than you ever imagined. Add a catchy headline with your CTA. This is important because it will form the first impression of your business. Make sure the headline is easy to read, clear and precise and has an emotional impact.

Adding some more trust symbols will get your business out there. You can add the major clients you have worked with or the names of the brands you stock can give people enough confidence in you.

Customer testimonials are brilliant when people are looking at your roofing company website. It gives them the feeling that you can be trusted and a detailed review is a huge green flag. If possible offer something for free.
Offer a free guide or a downloadable resource apart from a free quote. Remember that your customers aren’t just numbers but these are your fellow home and business owners and it is highly recommended to build a rapport with them.

These are some of the steps to create a roofing company that lasts, leads and converts in the industry. If you need some more help with creating a promising website, you can reach out to experts in digital marketing for roofing companies!

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