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How VSF Propelled Grabaroo’s Marketing Efforts towards Success

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Total Leads Achieved
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When Grabaroo’s first approached us, they were dealing with numerous challenges with establishing themselves on the digital landscape. Their marketing efforts needed major changes and so did they website design. There was a lack of visibility on the internet for their website, the quality of web page layouts and content was low, there were no leads, visitors or enquiries etc.

After VSF took over the project, we were able to help them boost their website traffic. Besides, there was a growing number of enquiries coming in via phone calls and via the website directly.

VSF also helped the company dominate the first page of Google with multiple search results showing up on the first page for the targeted search terms. A beautiful new website design by our design professionals improved audience interaction and engagement. Over time, our efforts have helped Grabaroo’s establish themselves as one of the most sought-after brands in their niche market.

The Results of Our Organic Efforts for Grabaroo’s

The client benefited hugely from our organic SEO efforts and the data from the SEMrush panel proves the same.
  • The organic ranking of the website got a top 3 placement on the first page of Google search results for a total of 7 keywords and search queries.
  • Additionally, the organic positioning of the website is within the top 10 search results for 15 keywords and within the top 20 search results for 20 search terms.
  • The website has a very high visibility of over 20% which in simpler terms means that the website is visible within the top results for 23% of the target search terms from their business niche.
  • The total number of website visitors who landed on the site from purely organic searches was over 1700 in number. This improved the overall lead generation for the business, thereby bringing in new customers and thus, facilitating the overall growth of the company.
Grabaroos Keywords
Grabaroos GMB

Driving More Business through Local Listings

The VSF services for this client further stretched to Local Pack Listings and Google My Business listings. This led to great advantage in terms of the inflow of enquiries and profile visits via the listings on Google. There also have been a growing number direction requests placed by customers via the GMB listing

We Continue to Deliver Success Consistently

If we compare the situation of the business before they started working with VSF, to their present day status, we can see from the Google Analytics data that:
  • There has been an overall growth of over 170% in website traffic
  • The user retention on the website has also increased owing to the design prowess of the web designers at VSF.
  • The number of new visitors to the site as a result of VSF’s marketing efforts has witnessed a huge spike of over 171%.
  • Their bounce rates have reduced and they have also witnessed growth in the number of page views and sessions.
Grabaroos Analytics

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We are extremely pleased with the way VSF has helped our marketing strategies. The results have been very uplifting so far and we look forward to continue working with them.


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