October 30, 2016

WordPress Management

Wordpress Management

Tampa WordPress Management Company

Seven Common Myths About WordPress: 
As a Tampa WordPress management company, we often get asked by clients about the suitability of the WordPress platform for their web design project.
It’s understandable to be wary of any software that supports your business website, but there are some misconceptions about WordPress.
Here are the top nine myths every business owner and marketer should know.

  1. WordPress is Just for Blogging: It was originally created as a blogging platform, but since then it has grown into the world’s leading content management system. Today, many businesses use WordPress for their website because of its powerful design features and online marketing capabilities.
  2. It’s Difficult to Use: If you’re trying to design, develop, host, and maintain a website on your own, then yes, it is difficult. But if you’re hiring a WordPress management company, they’ll take care of everything. Once it’s set up, it’s easy to add new content and install new features.
  3. WordPress is Slow: It’s not slow in itself, but if the hosting isn’t set up correctly, the servers could slow down your website. The key is to work with a hosting company that understands your requirements and doesn’t install unnecessary plugins. With reliable hosting and proper maintenance, your site should be incredibly fast.
  4. WordPress Sites All Look Alike: Years ago, there was a certain look to WordPress websites that did make some sites look similar. Luckily, it’s no longer the case. With over 20,000 themes which can all be customized to suit any business, no two sites will look the same.
  5. It’s Not Scalable: As long as you have the servers that can handle higher levels of traffic, your website can easily cope with thousands of visitors per day. With various affordable hosting options available, it’s easy to upgrade your website when necessary.
  6. WordPress Support is Limited: WordPress has one of largest online communities behind it. If you have a question, you’ll find an answer. When you use a WordPress management company such as ours, full support is offered from day one, so if you ever need any extra help or advice, we’ll be there for you.
  7. WordPress and Ecommerce Don’t Mix: WordPress ecommerce plugins such as WooCommerce make it easy to run an online store. In fact, more than 30 percent of all online stores use the plugin. The truth is, WordPress is sufficient even for larger ecommerce companies.


Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of WordPress and can see the benefits of running a website on WordPress, whether you own a small or large company. If you have any questions regarding anything discussed here, our Tampa WordPress management team can help. Just get in touch. Call Our Tampa Marketing Firm to discuss options.

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