October 23, 2016

WordPress Website Support

WordPress Website Support: Is Your Site in Safe Hands?

Wordpress Website Support

When it comes to WordPress, creating a wordpress website is just the start – the real work begins after the site goes live. If your business uses WordPress, website support and maintenance is essential. Without it, your site will become cluttered, slow, hard to use, and will also lack the necessary website security. What’s more, your search engine rankings will suffer as a result. Does your website have the support it needs? Here’s what your WordPress developer should be taking care of on your behalf:

  • WordPress Updates: You should always have the latest version of WordPress installed. It means you have access to new features and updates, and the latest security fixes to keep your site safe.
  • Plugin and Theme Updates: Having old themes and plugins can mean your site is more vulnerable to hackers. Make sure all your plugins and themes are regularly updated, and that unnecessary plugins are deleted.
  • Security Monitoring: Is your site being monitored around the clock for security issues? Ask your developer if regular security checks are made to protect you from viruses and hackers.
  • Backups: The WordPress core, theme, plugins, and database should all have regular off-site backups performed, just in case anything should happen to your site.
  • Optimizing The Database: Every WordPress database fills up with unwanted data, especially over a long period of time. Is your site being cleaned and optimized regularly?
  • Health Checks: WordPress website support should also involve regular website health checks. Do your pages’ load quickly? Does your site work well on mobile devices? Are all the links working properly?
  • Analytics Reports: Every website element should contribute to your primary marketing goals. If possible, get monthly reports on stats regarding your site’s content and visitor behavior. It’s important to know what’s happening in order to improve your website for your visitors and for the search engines.
  • Customized Design: If you need any improvements to your site because of changing business needs or special promotions, your developer should help, no matter how small the modifications.

The Bottom Line: Without proper WordPress website support, you can quickly end up with a slow and insecure website. If you need help maintaining your website, get in touch with a WordPress professional to avoid any future headaches. Call our Tampa web design company for more information.

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