October 23, 2016

WordPress Website Maintenance

Wordpress Website Maintenance

What Does WordPress Website Maintenance Include?

Even on a stable platform like WordPress, bugs and security issues are always a threat, which is why WordPress website maintenance is so important. New WordPress updates appear roughly every two months, and they’re crucial for website security, performance, and SEO.

You can try to maintain a WordPress website yourself, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, you could harm the functionality of your site. For this reason, it’s always best to leave maintenance to a professional WordPress developer.

So what does WordPress maintenance involve? Here are seven key WordPress maintenance tasks you should be aware of:

  1. WordPress Core Updates: Without updating the WordPress core, websites will become less stable and secure, and won’t perform as smoothly. This will also affect search engine rankings.
  1. WordPress Theme Updates: Using themes that are out of date will also damage the security and performance of your website.
  1. WordPress Plugin Updates: Plugins are crucial for increased website functionality, and there are many different plugins to suit your needs. However, just like the core and theme, they must be updated regularly. Inactive plugins should also be removed.
  1. WordPress Security: Security is always an important issue, especially for business websites. If your site becomes infected by malware, major search engines can even blacklist your website, making it invisible to searchers. Having up-to-date security software should always be a maintenance priority.
  1. WordPress Backups: To protect your website and your business, you should backup the site to a remote server. If anything damaging occurs, at least you don’t have to start from scratch.
  1. Repairing Broken Links: Links on your website that don’t work will not only ruin the visitor experience and damage your credibility, they’ll also harm your search engine rankings. Every link should be checked regularly to keep your site in good health.
  1. Removing Spam: Receiving blog comments is great if they add value to your site. However, spammy comments that just feature links can harm your reputation, so remove them from your site.

Conclusion: Be aware of these key WordPress website maintenance tasks, and you can make sure your business remains credible, and your site performs well for visitors and search engines.

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