October 30, 2016

WordPress Website Help

Wordpress Website Help

Does Your WordPress Website Help or Hurt Your Brand?

You may be driving enough traffic to your website, but is your WordPress website helping your brand, or making it more difficult for customers to engage with you?
A strong brand strengthens your company’s personality, and it can often be the difference between success and failure.
Here are some questions you should answer, and some tips to ensure your website actually strengthens your brand.  If you have any questions, get wordpress website help.

Do Your Website Pages Load Quickly?:

Adding extra graphics and videos may seem like a good strategy to make your website more attractive to visitors, but it can slow down your websites speed, leading to higher bounce rates. If you’re using large images and videos, make sure they’re really necessary, and that your hosting service is set up to maximize load times.

Is Your Website Visually Appealing?:

A good looking website is important, but does it truly reflect your brand’s image and appeal to your target customer? Make sure you choose an appropriate font size and type and use it consistently across all pages. Also, do the colors complement each other and suit your company’s image? Simple color schemes will help to convey a professional image.

Do You Have a User-Friendly WordPress Website?:

Help your visitors get around your site with clear calls-to-action and simple navigation buttons. Place important information where it can be seen easily, show your contact details on every page, and try to provide an FAQ section that answers common customer questions. Finally, make sure your site is optimized for mobile devices.

Does It Show the Benefits to Potential Customers?

Your website should be designed specifically for your target audience, and clearly show the benefits of your products and services to potential customers. Rather than talking about your company, talk about how people will benefit from doing business with you. Testimonials displayed on the home page will also help to increase your brand’s credibility.

Do You Set the Right Tone?

Remember that your website should reflect the human side of your company. Make sure your copy isn’t too formal, and is not filled with industry jargon. Help customers feel closer to your brand by being more authentic. Focus on publishing helpful, meaningful content that builds your reputation and sets you apart from the competition.

In Summary:

To make sure your WordPress website helps your brand, always bear in mind how your website makes people feel as soon as they land on your site. It takes less than a second for people to form a first opinion of your brand, so keep these tips in mind when you review your website. Ultimately, websites that reflect the brand will always have the competitive edge. Call our Tampa web design company for more information we can offer wordpress website help.

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