October 14, 2016

WordPress Website Designer

Wordpress Website Designer

Six Questions to Ask Your WordPress Website Designer

Before you choose any WordPress website designer, it’s important to find someone that is focused on helping your business. To help you make the right decision, and to ensure your finished website is done correctly, here are six key questions you can ask to ensure your potential design partner really knows what they’re doing.

  1. Do You Understand My Business?

Does your potential web designer know who your target audience is, what your long-term marketing goals are, and how you want your brand to be represented? Without knowing your brand’s story, they won’t be able to produce a design and content strategy that communicates your unique selling proposition and engages potential customers.

  1. Do You Understand Current SEO Best Practices?

Some WordPress website designers build a site based on your design requirements, but do little in terms of search engine optimization. Optimizing for the major search engines is crucial for the growth of your business. Make sure your website will be optimized according to current SEO best practices.

  1. Will I Be Able to Update the Website Myself?

Once the initial website design is complete, can you still make changes when necessary? With the right content management system in place, you should be able to add new content or delete website elements whenever you need to.

  1. Will My Website Be Mobile Responsive?

With most people using their smartphones to search the Internet, it’s essential that your business website looks good and functions well on whichever device consumers are using. It’s crucial for SEO and the user experience.

  1. Can I See Testimonials and Previous Work?

Which clients has the Tampa website designer worked with in the past? Can you see some examples of current work? Being able to see real-world examples will help you appreciate the designer’s level of expertise, and recommendations can help you get a clearer picture of who you’ll be working with.

  1. How Secure and Reliable Will My Website Be?

The best WordPress developers will appreciate the importance of website security and reliability. Your designer should be able to tell you how the website will be protected from hackers, how often the site is backed up, and how they optimize for speed and reliability.

Taking It Further: If your WordPress website designer can answer all these questions, they should be a potential candidate for further questions or hiring. What questions do they ask you? This is also a good indication of how much they care about your business and marketing goals.

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