WordPress Maintenance
Support Program

wordpress-maintenanceWith today’s online threats, ensuring your website is kept secure and up to date is critical. That’s why we continue to use the latest software to take care of all the technical stuff that you don’t have time to worry about! Our website reports will show you how seriously we take site security and performance. We handle site maintenance, hosting, backups, and more, so you can relax knowing your website is always fully up to date, runs smoothly, and stays secure.

WordPress Backups

WordPress Backups We’ll automatically backup your WordPress database and all your website content on a daily or weekly schedule to suit you. Full backups are stored on a secure server, so you’ll never lose any website files, giving you complete peace of mind.

WordPress Updates

WordPress Updates Updating your WordPress website is essential to ensure your site remains secure and safe from hackers. We’ll safely update the WordPress core, themes, and plugins on a regular basis, so you site is always up to date and fully functional.

WordPress Security

WordPress Security You can’t afford anything to go wrong with your website, which is why we provide 24/7 security monitoring on our secure servers. We’ll protect your site against hackers and perform regular malware scans to deliver optimum performance.

Website Speed Optimization

Website Speed Optimization Fast page-load times are crucial in terms of search engine optimization and the user experience. We build every site with search engine-friendly coding and structure to maximize website speed. We’ll also set up a hosting plan that’s right for you.


tampa-web-agencyWe provide you with regular reports outlining what we’ve done to ensure the health and security of your website. These include backup and security reports, plugin details, database improvements, up-time reports, analytics, and much more.

Database Optimization

tampa-online-marketing-agencyIf you don’t optimize your database, the performance of your website will suffer. We’ll regularly clean up your database, removing spam, unapproved comments, trashed items, and old revisions to prevent data corruption and improve website efficiency.