November 25, 2021

Own a Small Business? Here’s Why Marketing Automation is a Necessity for You

There are endless ways to succeed in any business venture then why marketing automation? If you have spent hours researching ways to get better ROI, then here’s something that can propel your business ahead of the competitors. Let’s first understand what marketing automation is. In the 1980s, when this concept came to life, it was reserved for only extremely wealthy businesses that could invest in the software and the techniques. It was bespoke and the implementation was costly.

However, as marketing automation services were introduced by third-party vendors, they became accessible for businesses of all sizes. This software that we know as marketing automation helps systematize the actions of marketing campaigns. The campaigns are therefore more creative, strategic, and result-oriented. It covers everything that can help your business grow in the digital realm, including Emails, social media, blog posts, and web pages.

Why Do You Need It?

Not everyone understands why marketing automation is important and if you are one of them, then here’s what you need to know. Following are a few of the major benefits of hiring a marketing automation agency for small businesses:

Personalize Customer Experience

Modern buyers are looking for a unique experience, not just with your product but also with your services and content. So, the first answer to why marketing automation is that your buyer needs you to be exclusive. Many competitors would be more than happy to serve him, and why he should still pick you is something that you need to figure out. Marketing automation tools help simplify the process of getting the right content to every kind of user. These tools also capture data like, which customer is opening which type of Email, or interacting with a particular type of social media post. The data captured with these tools also include, which types of posts and blogs are performing well online, and which are not. This ultimately helps accumulate a gigantic database that can help alter the marketing campaigns to capture more leads and sales.

Nurturing Leads

This is tricky, as a study published by Gleanster Research pointed out that only 50% of leads get converted into sales. The rest of the leads do qualify, but the consumers are not ready to purchase immediately. This is where small businesses get the answer to why use marketing automation. Since qualified leads that won’t convert need to be nurtured. Without marketing automation, the cost of doing so will be much higher. Marketing automation can help convert these leads with a highly strategic approach created with the mix of technology and human intellect.

Smart Decisions

Small businesses rely on a small workforce and limited resources, so when it comes to making smart decisions, there’s an inherent need for a huge database. As explained earlier, the marketing automation tools also capture data regarding user interaction. This data can be extracted and deployed to make smart decisions, not just about the marketing campaigns, but also product development and placement. Automation tools offer a single dashboard for collecting and storing data, analytics, and closed-loop reporting, which is why they are a comprehensive solution for assessing consumer behavior and marketing campaign performance. This, obviously, is helpful for businesses that have a small budget to work around.

Multi-Channel Management

If you own a small business and are still thinking about why marketing automation, then here’s something that should certainly convince you. As you must be aware, reaching out to potential buyers with just one platform isn’t a great idea. You need to be memorable, and you need to remind the target audience of your presence, now and then. If you are marketing on multiple platforms, managing and unifying the information and content on all of them is also crucial. This is where marketing automation can turn out to be extremely helpful. You can easily keep track of all your marketing campaigns on multiple channels with marketing automation.


The tone of your communication needs to be consistent on every platform. You must have noticed that big businesses run the same communication on multiple platforms. This isn’t done to save time and cost spent on designing and developing different concepts, but to make a particular message memorable. This is something that small businesses often fail to do, which is why marketing automation is a necessity. Automation tools help unify the marketing campaigns across diverse platforms to deliver a memorable and impactful message.

Increasing Productivity & Saving Time

Small businesses have a small marketing team, and sometimes the whole process is outsourced. This is why marketing automation is required, whether or not you have outsourced marketing solutions. Automation frees the marketing team from performing repetitive tasks, so they can focus on more important tasks like designing and developing campaigns that can allure your audience. You can also save a lot of time by scheduling posts and Emails ahead of time. The posts and Emails will automatically be shared as per the schedule, and you can concentrate on other tasks.

VSF – Your Marketing Automation Partner

If you are a small business owner, who is still wondering why marketing automation is the need of the hour then we can guide you. Our experience in the marketing and digital realm runs through diverse verticals, and we have the most high-tech tools and techniques of marketing automation to offer. Get in touch right away, to know more about our services.

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