July 2, 2014

Whats Search Engine Optimization

So Whats Search Engine Optimization

Whats Search Engine Optimization

Because of the most recent technological advances, it has become a must for a company to have a website in order to promote its products more effectively. Visiting the site is also a hassle-free way for an interested customer to inquire about a product. Most internet savvies use search engines to find information about products to make a better decision.
For example, a customer is interested in two brands of cellphone but could afford to buy only one phone, so that customer will search for information to know which phone is better. That is how the internet could affect the decision of an individual.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of gaining web traffic from the listings of a search engine, like Google, Bing, Yahoo!, etc.  In this process, each website passes through the algorithms of the search engines and ranked accordingly.

Search engine optimization gets each page evaluated, according to frequency of words, the page title, URL links, and even reputation. The search engine evaluates the frequency of words in a page; for example, when the user searches for the word “Calculus,” the search engine gives links that mention Calculus sufficiently. When a page has a link to another URL, the search engine’s algorithm usually considers that link; but if a link is recommended by dummy websites, the algorithm rejects it. The reputation of the website is also evaluated by the search engine; to gain a higher rank, the website should be trustworthy.

Using effective search engine optimization techniques in a business will help to increase sales, because internet users prefer a product that’s represented by a link on the first page of the search engine to those that could be found in the last few pages of the search results.

Effective search engine optimization could help a business gain trust, because having a higher rank in a search engine could prove that the business is doing well and it is good to purchase its products.

Blogs and forums could even appear on the pages as long as they pass the criteria of effective search engine optimization. Businesses take their image seriously, especially when it comes to who even does blogs and videos about their products. After all, almost all of the information about products could be easily found by using a search engine. Because people communicate more effectively using current technology, companies should give the best service they could offer – in order to gain the acceptance and approval of media.

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