July 2, 2014

Whats Google Plus

Google Plus and Your Business

Google Plus

Google Plus is one of the most under-utilized online marketing opportunities on the internet. The popular notion is that it is just another social media marketing network that but one having a much less population than the popular ones such as Facebook and Twitter.

This misplaced notion leads to the assumption online marketing efforts cannot gain much traction on Google+. The fact however, is that businesses especially those in the small and medium scale bracket stand to reap immense benefits in terms of increased local search visibility after investing comparatively little resources in optimizing their Google+ pages.

Ordinarily, there many points of intersection between Search Engine Optimization activities and the social media and with Google+, this plays out in favor of the business because content on its page can rank in Google Search Engine Result Pages. After all, Google does own Google+!

Higher visibility by ranking on search results can be achieved by making use of the Publisher and Authorship markup in connecting Google+ pages and personal pages with a business website. The result is that when the content authored by the business owner ranks in search results, it also displays a head-shot as well as statistics from the Google+ profile. This is great for thought leadership activities.

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