Website design essentials

Website Design Essentials

Aaron Hurlburt Website Designer


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Have you ever left a website after a few seconds, knowing it wasn’t what you were looking for? We all make snap decisions about websites, but it’s not always easy to explain why. It depends on the overall look of the web page, the colors, the symmetry, the text, the white space, and other factors. If you work with the right Tampa website design company, they can make sure you make a great first impression.
Various studies have shown that people form an opinion about your website in a fraction of a second, so how do you make sure you get it right? Let’s look at a few factors that make a strong website design.


Choose a Tampa web design agency that understands your business. You need to project your brand image quickly and simply. If your visitors aren’t clear about your purpose in a few seconds, they’ll go elsewhere. Clear navigation and avoiding design clutter will improve bounce rates and boost credibility.


Web users are accessing content through mobile devices more than ever before. Can your Tampa website designer create mobile-friendly websites? With around a quarter of Americans using only mobile to access the Internet, you need to work with a mobile web design agency to get noticed online.


Users prefer clear and simple web designs that instantly meet their expectations. According to Google, people form an opinion of your business within 50 milliseconds, so give users a web experience they’re familiar with. To lower bounce rates, the following components are essential:

  • A professional looking logo
  • Clear navigation
  • A search box
  • Relevant imagery
  • Clear calls-to-action


Research by Stanford University showed that the average consumer initially focuses more on visual information than content. Basically, the right layout, typography, color scheme, and imagery instantly boosts credibility.


A well designed website shows that you care about your customers and their needs, and your customers’ first impression of your website will help strengthen your reputation immediately. We’ve only touched on a few basic design essentials in this post, but if you choose the right Tampa website design company that understands these key principles, you’ll be one step ahead of the competition.

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