April 14, 2021

Quick Website Changes To Attract More Customers

Nowadays, everyone is taking their business online. With the current circumstances continuing as they are, it’s expected that even more will follow suit. As more companies join the digital space, you’re bound to face some serious competition.

Each day, nearly half a million sites make it onto the web. This number adds to the at least 200 million sites already in the US. All of these websites (including yours) vie for the top spot on Google or Bing.

You need a website that puts you first in the minds of customers and search engines. If you’re reading this, then the chances are that you already have a website. Read on to learn about how to attract more customers to your website and the minor tweaks you can make to popularize it.

Tweaks To Improve Your Website

A website is great for generating traffic, but it takes more than the promise of “customer satisfaction” to keep it there. Customer conversion, after all, is a multifactorial phenomenon.

WordPress Website Maintenance

A vast majority of sites are the products of WordPress. If yours is the same, maintaining it can mean the difference between engagement and high bounce rates.

While it is possible to do this alone, not everyone has the skills to troubleshoot common WordPress errors in record time.

So, if you don’t look forward to hours of WordPress tutorials, give us a call here at VSF Marketing!

Beef Up Your Site’s Security

Making your site secure does more than just protect it from hackers. Browsers like Chrome, Yahoo, and Firefox inform users of unsecured websites. So, when potential customers try to visit your site, they receive a notification or a screen saying that your site is not secure. This is an automatic bounce.

In short, how to change an unsecured website to a secure one is an important thing to look into.

We offer fast website security services here at VFA Marketing if you need a helping hand!

Web Design: Pay More Attention To UI and UX

A site is only as good as its design. Depending on your intentions, you may need to alter the design of your site.

For example, as users, we hate it when an e-commerce site looks like a Wikipedia page. So, take a look at your target audience and design accordingly. You’ll be amazed at how big a difference

this step makes.

Help Us Help You Put Your Site on the Map

Web security, design, and maintenance are technical aspects of having an online business. If this intimidates you, fear not.

At VSF Marketing, we specialize in everything from web design to web development Tampa businesses need. We also offer other digital marketing services, including SEO, social media, and PPC.

Let us know what you need, and we will deliver. Call us now to make your site a domain of conversions and sales!

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