July 23, 2017

Web Design Mistakes Made By Small Businesses

Nine Web Design Mistakes Made By Small Businesses

Web Design Mistakes
Your website is a vital part of your marketing efforts, but a poor website design will ultimately harm your reputation and curb growth.
To protect your business, remember these common web design mistakes:

  1. Not Understanding Your Target Market

The best website designers understand their target market. Get to know your audience so you can create a more personalized website experience. Trying to please the masses will only lead to a muddled design.

  1. Burying Key Information

Your homepage should display – or have clear links to – key information like store hours, directions, FAQs, and contact information. Make your navigation links clearly visible. Alternatively, display the information on every page.

  1. Cluttered Design

As a Tampa web development and SEO company, we know that in order to be successful online, you need to attract and retain visitors. Flashy design and too much text and visual content is confusing. This will only kill engagement levels.

  1. Not Designing for Conversions

Figure out what you want visitors to do once they arrive on your site. Do you want them to buy your latest product, contact you, or subscribe to your newsletter? Clear calls-to-action that tell visitors what they need to do next are crucial for conversions.

  1. Failing to Use Responsive Design

Many small business websites are still not mobile-friendly, which is bad for search engine rankings and the user experience. Get a responsive design today to safeguard future business growth.

  1. Not Updating Your Website

Cybersecurity risks are greater than ever before, so keeping your website updated for security is essential. Thankfully, if you use WordPress, your site can be configured to auto-update.

  1. A Poor SEO Structure

Many websites are poorly structured for SEO, making it difficult for search engines to crawl and rank content. Don’t be invisible – make sure your potential customers can find you through search engines when they’re looking for the products and services you offer.

  1. Paying Too Little for Web Design

Website design pricing varies, but cheap web designers often make poor business decisions, ultimately harming their clients’ business. Do your research to ensure your custom web design is a help, not a hindrance.

  1. Relying on a Free Website Builder

Your website is often your customers’ first experience with your business. Without design experience, you could damage these first impressions. Drag-and-drop website building apps can also lead to serious performance issues and website errors.


Succeeding online is a constant challenge. Avoiding these common web design mistakes will help to improve your online reputation and bottom line for years to come. Struggling to make your business website the best it can be? Contact Tampa website development company VSF Marketing today for advice and affordable business solutions.

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