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a Tampa Web Developer works in a very fast-changing industry and being updated on cutting-edge trends is a threshold towards survival.
Without innovation, a website isn’t likely to get adequate traffic and serve up to its purpose.

As time goes by, we’re not only looking at the quality because site aesthetics is now playing a big part.


  • Concise Information: In the past years, lengthy content is the most important factor in online marketing. To be able to get the attention of the audience, website designers used to create long, instructive posts. This year, simpler and more concise content took over the cyber world. This is mostly because internet users now have shorter attention spans. You need to share what you have in a sentence, at most, to be noticed. Usually, you can create write ups in less than 300 characters. In paragraph form, highlight the important parts and include only relevant items.
  • Audio Visuals: Since most audiences today easily lose interest in boring content, more viewers would rather watch something than read them. Videos are becoming more popular on the web not only for advertising purposes, but for informative reasons as well. If you are going to go into a technical discussion, you might be better off to create an audio-visual presentation to be able to communicate your ideas better. It is even more convenience because it is more shareable and can easily become viral.
  • Color Scheme:  Choosing a distinct color palette would also help you get through the fast changing online world. It is ideal to get a certain hue to take as your own, just as how these social networking sites create identity in varying tints of blue.
  • Typography:  Choosing the right font have also become fundamental for website designers. The old san-serif types are long gone, with new and fresher typefaces coming into view. Some blogs are dedicated on the latest trends in typography but mostly, it is a subjective choice depending on the overall thee of your site. Typography is highly important for a site because it adds a little character and personality on how your site appears.
  • Unique Layout:  Distinctive aesthetics are having their place in the latest trends among web designers. Some sites contain pertinent information with a unique layout that stretches into long scrolling pages. The content are not congested and can easily be read. Some sites have this swipe to next interface that’s optimized for touchscreen devices that can also work with conventional track pads and mouse.
  • HD Pictures: Photography has also gained popularity to captivate website designers. Most lading pages and homepages today have a dominant photo with minimal text. It seems to imply a story with just one photo or slideshow. Such trend even became more apparent with the launch of Apple’s iOS 7. The minimalist design made everyone go gaga over simple and sophisticated schemes. Old photos with a touch of Instagram-like filters also make frequent appearance in most sites today, especially in blogs.