July 1, 2014

Tampa Bay Web Design Company

Tampa Bay Web Design CompanyAccording to a recent study, internet users typically read only 20% of a site’s overall content. Given the short attention span of visitors, how do you lure them to stay on your site longer? Call our Tampa Bay Web Design Company, if your in need of a new website.

Read On To See Some Tips And How Are Tampa Web Design Company Can Help

  • Easy to use: Make sure your site is relatively easy to navigate, so your users won’t shy away. The rule of thumb is that the menu bar should be placed on the upper part and contains your product’s categories and other brand related pages. Provide a sidebar located at the margin of the site. For less important pages that concerns your business, like FAQs, History and About Us, place them at the bottom part of your homepage. It is best to look for a reliable Tampa Bay Web Design Company to make your interface more goal-oriented.
  • Not too much media: Use multimedia in moderation. If you overuse these videos, gifs and images, your website would look like a virtual circus. The more clutter you put on your website, the slower it would load. Just place a photo, or a side-show, that would catch the attention of your audience. It is also advised to use high-definition photos. Hire a professional Tampa Bay Web Design Company who can do product shoots and high-end editing. If this isn’t feasible, you can also buy stock photos.
  • Making your name familiar: Create your own logo that people will easily identify. It can be useful in advertising strategies and as a direct link to your website. Most experts suggest to have a high-resolution brand logo and include it on the upper part of your website. Finding a Tampa Bay Web Design Company would help you come up with the best slogan for your business or organization.
  • Color, Font and Design that’s YOU:  With the help of a web design company in Tampa Bay, you can build a website that matches your brand’s perspectives. Make sure to use color palette that matches your brand. For food and consumer goods, hues of red, orange and yellow are proven to improve customer appetite. If you are into clothing and apparel, opt to choose pastel colors and other hues that would give a dainty ambiance. In terms of the font, use ones that are not too loud and are easy to read. Serif, Typeface and Niue are safe choices for online sites. Make your headlines and titles bold so they can be easily seen. 16 is the standard size for websites.
  • The type of platform:  The web specialists, from a Tampa Bay Web Design Company, the platform used is of high importance. Flash used to be an effective component for websites. Today, due to the clash between Apple and Adobe, other options are winning over. HTML5 has been widely used today because of its versatility and web friendly system.
  • Updates and web-site progress:  Once you already have your site, always check it with your Tampa Bay Web Design Company. Track its progress by using analytics to keep track of the visitors, conversion rate and bounce rate. Make sure it is always updated and all WEB pages works well.
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