January 30, 2016

Tampa WordPress Designer

tampa website designer

Do You Need a Tampa WordPress Designer?

With so many web design solutions out there, should you choose a Tampa WordPress Designer, developer, or web programmer?

What is the best solution for your small businesses?

First we need to look at the different options available to anyone looking for a new website or redesign.

WordPress Designers

Designers are mainly concerned with the visual aspects of a website, and understand how page layouts contribute to the user experience, and how colors, fonts, and images help to produce a professional-looking site. However, a visually appealing website is not always the most efficient in terms of speed, security, and stability.

Tampa WordPress Programmers

Programmers are concerned with the coding of websites and understand the different languages in web programming needed to make a website function well. However, they’re not always well versed in web standards and search engine optimization, and may not care about the aesthetics of a website as much as a web designer or developer.

Tampa WordPress Developers

Developers have usually helped many different kinds of businesses build a WordPress website from scratch. They are used to coming up with ideas for new websites, setting up new websites, or adapting existing sites. It’s not usually the job of a developer to handle unique programming jobs, so if you want to add a shopping cart to your website, a Tampa WordPress Designer will get hold of the most suitable plugin to install on your site. They’ll handle everything to make sure your site has this functionality, but they won’t write the initial code. They might sometimes do programming and design work, but the best developers know when to outsource the job.


In simple terms, designers handle the front-end of website creation, while programmers deal with the back-end of a website. Web developers are a hybrid of both designers and programmers – they care about functionality, stability, the visual appeal of a website, and understand Internet best practices. Ultimately, if you’re looking for a new website or redesign, avoid working with just a designer or programmer – instead choose a Tampa WordPress Designer.

Tampa WordPress Designer

tampa seo expert

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