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To make a website stand out, a business or organization can easily employ promotional practices such as SEO and social media marketing.
However, the website serves as the virtual receiving area for potential clients.
To make them stay, it also needs some tidying up, just as how you make your own office welcoming and appealing.

Important Factors For a Good, Friendly  Website Design?

  • User-friendliness: Most internet users today have short attention spans. They would steer away from an area that’s hard to get by. If you want more website traffic, make sure your website design is easy to use.
    The navigation bars should be placed well and visible at first glance. Categories should be under appropriate heading. If this is an online shopping site, you can give your users a choice between browsing by type, by collection, or even by color.
    Highlight important parts of your site and use easy to read fonts. Research claim that good typography is a determining factor for most internet users.
  • Informative: When a user visits your site, they seek answers for their queries. This, in return, should be provided by your website.
    The content must include pertinent information about your business or organization. A good website design would be useless if it doesn’t serve to its purpose. Interactive pages should also be easy to use. One way to give information without boring your audience is to lay out a good infographic. They tend to read more on something that’s visually appealing.
  • Multimedia: If you’re going to put images, slideshows or videos, be sure to do it in moderation.
    Do not include all at once because it would make it look like a virtual circus. Rule of thumb in website design is to center the attention of the audience into one dominant multimedia.
  • Photography” People who visit your site wouldn’t want to see horrible photos. This would not only make your site unreliable, but also make potential clients shy away.
    It is best to invest in good photography, and if this is not feasible, you can also try stock photography. These are high quality photos that you can buy or rent for a certain price, depending on how you’ll use them. However, these are pre-processed photos which means you just have to look for ones that would suit your purpose. If you want to share the real story behind your site, it is best to do it first-hand. You can borrow an HD camera and ask some volunteers to do the photo shoot for you.
  • Updated: Your website design should be able to keep up to the fast paced online world. It should be regularly updated because almost every quarter, something new comes up on the market.
    Offer your readers fresh news and brand new marketing tactics. Be sure to make your site versatile on various platforms and other types of devices. Better yet, have an interactive mobile application if it applies to your industry. This is an important factor that can help you outmaneuver your competitor because it reaches out to your target market.

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