March 31, 2015

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Tampa SEO Firm

Today, there are many factors that determine search engine rankings, but one of the most cost-effective ways for businesses to boost their SEO is through social media.

Search engines are using social indicators such as links, “likes” and shares to determine the authority of websites and brands, so having a strong social media strategy is key to improving SEO.

This is why it’s crucial to choose a Tampa SEO firm that understands social media marketing.


All social media channels have the potential to boost your SEO because Google, Bing, and other search engines crawl social pages just like they crawl regular websites. Relevant keywords and backlinks can all count toward your search rankings, and building a strong social following will help increase your credibility in the eyes of searchers and search engines.


  • Pinterest – Google currently shows Pinterest content in search results, so it’s especially useful if your target audience uses this channel. Optimize your Pinterest boards by using relevant keywords in titles, descriptions, and image file names
  • Twitter – Links in Tweets are now all no-follow, meaning they won’t directly impact search rankings on Google. However, other search engines may use them for rankings purposes, and social shares can boost your online authority
  • Facebook – Many experts believe that Google measures the number of “likes” and people “talking about” your page
  • LinkedIn – One of the best social networks for gaining credibility, LinkedIn will indirectly boost SEO by building brand awareness and authority
  • Google Plus – Probably the most effective social media platform for SEO, Google Plus content is indexed immediately and its links have a direct impact on search rankings


If you run a business in Tampa, SEO firms will differ in how they use social media for SEO. Make sure your Tampa SEO company follows industry best practices. Keep in mind the following:

  • Google Plus and Pinterest – if used correctly – will improve local SEO, especially if you’re a smaller business
  • Quality content is one of the best ways to get noticed online. Make sure your SEO agency understands how to use keywords to drive traffic and boost customer engagement
  • Although Google is the number one search engine, don’t forget Bing. Their algorithm uses Twitter links and social authority to determine search rankings


Ultimately, having up-to-date social media profiles will help to boost your SEO, as long as you continue to publish useful content and engage with your social media followers.
For Tampa SEO services and social media marketing services in and around Tampa, Lutz, Odessa, Wesley Chapel, and Brandon, contact VSF Marketing today.

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