August 8, 2016

Tampa Internet Marketing

Tampa Internet Marketing Tools You’re Not Using (But Should Be)

Tampa Internet Marketing

Tampa Internet MarketingMost Popular Internet Marketing Tools

Internet marketing can be a daunting and intimidating task. Luckily, there are many new tools and apps available for both the savvy novice and the professional marketing companies – and we’re sharing them here.

When used the right way, these tools can elevate a good web presence to a great web presence. We’re going to guide you through eight of the most popular internet marketing tools you should be using to boost your company’s SEO and ROI – as well as how you can use them together for an added one-two-punch.

Create an Aesthetic Website with WordPress

tampa-bay-internet-marketing-agencyAside from having various online guides with step-by-step instructions on how to build the perfect WordPress site, WordPress also offers individuals options to design their Web pages coupled with the benefit of a user-friendly interface. This makes the platform the perfect choice for a business owner who may not be a website designer.

Another great benefit is that business owners can sign up for either a free account or a self-hosted option. This essentially means that one could build a free version of their Website first, to see if they like the interface and are comfortable with the work flow and then decide to upgrade to a paid account later.

This is a huge plus when you consider how custom-built Websites from other vendors can make updating your site difficult.

Don’t you want to be able to make updates yourself, as needed?
We can help you custom design your WordPress Website, and our team gives Tampa internet marketers the best of both worlds: a tailored design with the added benefit of this intuitive self-upload interface.

Have Great Imagery: Pixlr

tampa-web-marketing-companyAs they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, and Pixlr will help you frame, edit and optimise your pictures for your website. Created by Autodesk, a leading 3D-design and entertainment software company, Pixlr gives users the freedom to edit photos on their phones as well as on their personal computers.

Choose from three products: Pixlr Editor, Pixlr Express or Pixlr Mobile to use as your editing platform and achieve great results. Best of all, it’s free.

Check Out the Competition: Link Diagnosis

Ever wondered what your main competition’s link inventory is? Well, LinkDiagnosis allows Tampa internet marketers take a peek at the number of the competition’s external links while scoping out various partnership and advertising opportunities at the same time.

The tool is free but after their update and switch in owners, you’ll need to download the new Firefox add-on first.

Build Your Campaign: ShortStack

Ever wanted to run a Tampa internet marketing campaign or a contest but didn’t know where to start? ShortStack will help you out, as the tool streamlines the creation process for different ads and contests optimised for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, landing pages and embedded campaigns on web pages.
And yes, the tool is also free for all to use.

Manage Your Social Voice: HootSuite

tampa social media agencyOnce you have a Tampa internet marketing plan in place, have checked out the competition and have a couple of social media contests running, you’ll need to keep an eye on all of your social media accounts and posting updates. This is where HootSuite comes in. An industry standard, many corporations use the platform to blast all their social media accounts at once with just a click of a button.

Best of all, you can prepare posts early and schedule the time you’d like to post an article or update as studies show that there are definitely peak times that you should be posting on social media and other times where it will not make much of an impact.

Hootsuite is a paid service but they have a very generous 30-Day Pro trial.

Keep the Conversation Going: DrumUp

tampa-social-media-firmEver at a loss for words and don’t know what to post? This is where DrumUp can be a real asset, as this tool helps you identify and discover content to share to your social media profiles that are both relevant to your brand as well as meaningful to your followers.

This works by scouring the internet for top stories and content through the use of algorithms. Once the search is complete, you’re presented with a list of stories that are most relevant to you and your audience.

Along with helping you source out content, the app has many other features as well including social media management capabilities. And since it’s a free service, there’s no reason not to do an experiment and see if the content sourced raises your user interaction on social media.

LikeAlyzer and Screaming Frog: Quality Control

After you have all your social media accounts set-up and your Web site running smoothly, it’s time to switch over to quality control. This is where LikAlyzer lends a helping hand. The free tool allows users to measure and analyse the effectiveness of their Facebook pages.

All you do is copy and paste your page’s URL into the LikeAlyzer and the tool will provide detailed information about issues with your page as well as share tips on how to optimise and fix it for more likes and user interaction.

And once you have your Facebook presence cleaned up, check out the Screaming Frog tool. This application will crawl your Web site and check for broken links, sniff out missing meta data and look out for duplicate content amongst other things.

Remember, maintaining a great Web site is key for increased web traffic and it acts as your calling card as well.

As you can see, all eight of these tools used together will provide the true one-two punch in creating and maintaining a marketing strategy and stellar web presence. And if you need any help along the way, with Web design and marketing, we’ll be happy to help through our many offered services.

What internet marketing tools are you currently using to grow your business? Are there any you’d like to hear more about? Let us know in the comments – we’d love to hear from you.

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