April 10, 2023

Ultimate List of Social Media Strategies for Real Estate Agents

Selling or purchasing real estate is usually a big-ticket purchasing decision. Along with the financial aspect, the investor is also emotionally invested in the purchase. Several questions and dilemmas may bother them during this phase, and this is when they would seek the guidance of a reliable expert. This is where a social media strategy for real estate can help.

In order to attract more customers to your business, you must first win your customers’ trust. To achieve this, you need something more than a real estate license. By developing and deploying social media strategies for real estate, you can converse, share advice and forge a long-term relationship with your client.

Social media has become an excellent platform for realtors to connect with customers. It can offer several benefits, including targeted advertising, cost-effective reach, customer relationship management, brand reinforcement, etc. In short, social media marketing for real estate is a winning formula.

77% of realtors are already users of social media. But to master the game, you need a foolproof social media strategy. And this requires much more effort than having a simple social media profile where you keep posting regularly.

But do not fret. In the following sections, we will share some winning social media strategies that can help you attract new leads while keeping the old-timers loyal.

Preparing the Ground for Social Media Marketing for Real Estate

But before crafting a social media strategy for real estate, you should do some primary homework by following the below-mentioned tips –

Know Your Customer

Social media marketing for realtors works like a charm only when the customer is well-known. It is essential to create different personas for the sellers and buyers as their preferences vary. Gathering customers’ age, lifestyles, incomes, etc., is vital to building the persona.

Define your personas and segment them into 3-4 broad categories. Defining their goals and needs is just as important as understanding their problems. This can help you customize the positioning of your offerings to meet exact customer needs.

Here are some questions that you can rely on to define buyer persona:

  • How much experience do they have as a homeowner?
  • What is their budget?
  • On which social media sites are they most active?

Similarly, to define the seller persona, ask questions like:

  • Why are they looking to sell the property?
  • Are they considering relocation to a new city?
  • Do they have a tentative sale price for their property in mind?

Define SMART Social Media Goals

To make tangible progress in your social media strategies, you need to have SMART social media goals in the first place. Having such goals will help you track your progress and stay motivated.

Identify the Platform

After identifying the perfect platform, you can deploy the right social media strategy for real estate. This is because each social platform demands an investment of time and money. Therefore, identifying the best forum for your business means you are channelizing your efforts. This will help you work most efficiently and generate maximum R.O.I.

Tips for Drafting a Stellar Social Media Strategy

Now that you have done some background research and have a fair idea about the customer you are trying to market to, it’s time to start drafting the ultimate social media strategy for your real estate business. So, here are a few tips you should consider while formulating this strategy:

Create Quality Content to Grab Eyeballs

While decking up your social media presence, you must pay attention to quality content. This is because social media is highly saturated with realtors. Most of them have a page and keep posting about their properties regularly. Thus, it would help if you offered something that enhances your credibility and brand value.

To stand out, make use of content that is creative, visually appealing, and personalized. Using plain text without high-quality graphics will make your content look bland. Therefore, it is necessary to interspace your content with high-quality images and pictures.

You can follow the below nuances to create more attractive content for your social media channels:

  • Share your brand’s story to form a connection with your customers.
  • Explain why you are passionate about the industry, how you got into it, and talk about your team.
  • Share customer success stories and case studies of how you helped them.

It is also necessary to talk about the town in your post and not just limit it to your properties. Homebuyers considering moving into a city want to know the good, bad, and ugly before deciding on a place of their choice. Hence, to stand out in social media marketing for real estate, paint an accurate picture of the town.

When you start sharing information your customers want, they trust you more. And this often results in future purchases. You can also include the city’s Twitter handle in posts. Often the holders of these accounts retweet such posts, increasing the reach of your posts to their followers.

Avoid Imitating

Your customers are looking for an expert they can trust with their purchasing decision. And your social media page offers you the perfect opportunity to connect and build trust among your customers about you. To create that trust, you must first be yourself.

Your customers want to know more about you before they can trust you. Hence, try to tell your story through your posts. Authentic social media posts about yourself can help create deep bonds with customers and help forge long-term relationships.

Your unique personality should shine through your posts. Your customers should know who they are dealing with before picking up the phone.

Educate Your Buyers

You can discuss the typical real estate pitfalls buyers make in your blog and share the same on your social media channel. Posting such articles will make your customers think you care for them and attract them to your brand. After all, social media marketing for realtors is about using the platforms to build strong relationships based on trust.

Be Interactive

Customers today expect instant responses to their concerns, comments, and questions. But fewer people today use the telephone to call and voice their problems. Instead, they use the company’s social media page to voice their concerns. So simply posting at regular intervals isn’t enough to stand out in the social media game.

You must also interact with the platform to engage in dialogue with your followers. Use their questions as an opportunity to engage in conversation and assist them in the buying process. It is also necessary that you promptly and courteously reply to all comments.

However, this advice doesn’t apply to online bullies. Resisting the temptation to battle your harshest critics is crucial to avoid tarnishing your brand image. Many people can use the platform to voice their concerns or frustrations about their inability to purchase one of your listings. You can use this opportunity to pivot their attention to your other offerings.

Use Videos

Videos are an excellent way to pique a buyer’s interest. Videos have more than 8 billion views on Facebook. Therefore, they deserve a rightful place in your social media posts, and you should consider them while formulating the social media strategy for real estate.

You might have to incur a sizable investment in shooting and editing videos. But in the long run, this investment will prove to be helpful. Videos can help form strong emotional connections with home buyers. YouTube videos can also help improve your site’s ranking in search results and help you grab the attention of first-time home buyers.

Consider Buyers of All Types

Social networks can be a great place to engage with “fans” and learn more about their needs. But not all of them are new to the home-buying process. Therefore, you should have a mixed bag of content that can serve the needs of varied customer types. Having different types of content in your kitty will help you connect and cater to all the customers you contact.

Don’t Ignore Existing Clients

Having your previous buyers and sellers as connections on your social media page would be best. This helps them share their experiences with you and reinforce your brand. By sharing their buying or selling experience, they also help potential buyers/sellers while promoting your name further.

Final Words

Acing the social media game as a realtor is a challenging but essential battle for you to win. Therefore, creating stand-out content is a must. But, before everything works in your favor, you must know your customers well. Once you identify your customer needs, develop their persona, chalk out your goals, and figure out the platform, you can start drafting your strategy.

And while drafting the strategy, you can follow the above tips. By adhering to these suggestions, you can create strategies that will help you win the social media battle. But sometimes, you will need a little hand-holding to navigate the terrain effectively. And this is where an expert real estate digital marketing agency, like VSF Marketing, can help.

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