July 2, 2014

Tampa Social Media Marketing Strategy Agency


Social Media Marketing StrategyOne of the most succinct point ever made about social media marketing strategy was contained in a tweet that urged companies to place more focus on being social and less on how to do social media.

This highlights the rather straitjacketed approach that is being taken by many businesses as opposed to a broad-based, pervasive and impacting strategy.

  • Build a broad-based team: Social media marketing is not solely the domain of the marketing department and must be understood from diverse functional perspectives. When putting together a social media marketing strategy, ensure that you have a team comprised of people from various departments and backgrounds within your business.
  • Determine the rationale for leveraging social media: There are several reasons why you want your business to leverage the vast opportunities offered by social media platforms but you must hone in on a few in order to narrow your focus and enhance possibilities of success.
  • Measurement Metric: If it cannot be measured, how do you know it worked? Determining your Return On Investment requires proper metrics and you must have that worked out at the beginning.
  • Discern where conversations are going on: Whether responding to ongoing conversation or initiating new ones, you must determine where it is happening first. Use tools that help monitor issues and conversations about your brand before deciding how to respond.
  • Target audience analysis: Social media is all about people, lots of them and you have to determine which group constitutes your target audience when deploying the strategy. Critical factors such as their demographic and psychographic characteristics remain very decisive in the overall success of the strategy.
  • Viable channel plan: There are quite a number of social media channels and you may not always need to work with all of them all the time. Determine the relevant ones for the target audience you are working with.
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