July 2, 2014

Top Social Media Marketing Platforms

Where you should be on social media marketing platforms

social media marketing platforms

Too often, a lot of people think of the social media marketing  as one gigantic social media marketing platforms, but there are actually various social media marketing platforms, or social media services.
When embarking on a social media campaign, understanding the various platforms that offer the best opportunities is very important.

Social media marketing is not merely about distributing content socially, it involves adequate knowledge of the various platforms and strategic use each offers based on your marketing goals.

Here are the top social media marketing platforms

  1. Twitter: Popularly referred to as a blogging platform, Twitter offers social media users one of the swiftest means of broadcasting messages across the internet. Two features stand out on Twitter; brevity (only 140 characters per message) and viral potential (anyone can re-broadcast a tweet by simply retweeting it thus increasing its reach). It may be used in various scenarios, corporate and even personal.
  2. LinkedIn: This platform is built around business professionals and has proven to be one of the most viable platforms for interaction between professionals and business people. LinkedIn has also continued to up the ante by adding features that encourage showcasing of businesses.
  3. Facebook: Facebook initially started as a casual and friendship-based platform but with its teeming user population, it was inevitable that businesses would tap into its potential for connecting with people. That has been made possible and continually enhanced with Facebook Business Fan Pages.
  4. Google +: A direct competitor to Facebook, Google + shares similarities of casual, fun and friendly atmosphere. It has some very special features though which include the ability to segment your followers into smaller groups and share information exclusively with each group.
  5. YouTube: This platform is all about videos and has grown to become the number one platform for sharing video content. Some businesses have been able to create videos that have gone viral and boosted their web presence but this is not always a successful strategy. However, using video as part of a social media campaign has proven to be very effective.
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