July 2, 2014

Social Media Marketing Campaign


Social Media Marketing Campaign

A Social media marketing campaign is notoriously dynamic. To be fair, social media itself is a very fluid terrain with changes popping up regularly in a bid to keep up with the tempo of changing times, tastes and user demands.  However, there are steps you must take while planning your social media marketing campaign and these will ensure a smoother ride, help achieve your key objectives while getting this done more efficiently.

  1. Research and Gain Deep Understanding of Your Audience: There really is no substitute to this as failure to understand the people with whom you wish to connect will cause difficulties along the way. Determine those who constitute your target audience then conduct appropriate research to understand them.
  2. Definition of Campaign Goals: There is a definite purpose for which the campaign is being designed and it is measured in terms of goals. Examples of goals are increase in website traffic, heightening brand awareness, generating a specific number of customer conversions, communicating and interacting with specific audiences.
  3. Definition of Campaign Metrics: If you do not measure it, you cannot determine if it was a successful campaign and to what extent, if indeed it was successful. Metrics are the means by which specific results are measured. Generally, there are two broad metric categories; Volume and Value. The former refers to engagement and growth metrics such as increase in fans and/or followers as well as click-through-rates. The latter refers to metrics that have a direct effect on your bottom-line such as lead generation and sales.
  4. Select and use the Right Platforms for Your Tactical Actions: It is of utmost importance that you make the right choices in social media platforms depending on your market niche and the audience you are targeting. Obviously, you want to use a platform with wide reach such as Twitter as well as one with business-orientation such as LinkedIn if targeting business people.
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