August 31, 2023

Navigating the Social Media Algorithms: Demystifying Strategies to Succeed

Social media algorithms are complex sets of rules that determine what content appears in users’ news feeds on social media platforms. These algorithms have a significant impact on a business’s social media success. They affect the visibility of social media posts and the amount of engagement each post generates.

An important aspect to note is that these algorithms are constantly evolving. Keeping up with these changes requires brands to revise their social media strategies frequently. Let’s demystify these algorithms and provide you with strategies to succeed in social media marketing in 2023.

As a Tampa internet marketing company, VSF Marketing understands the need for businesses to navigate these algorithms. Businesses may find it daunting to recognize what helps their content succeed on these platforms. Don’t worry; we have a few ways to take advantage of these algorithms and thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

What is an Algorithm in Social Media?

They are a set of rules that determine how content appears on users’ news feeds. These algorithms work by analyzing user behavior to offer a tailored experience. The algorithm will place posts that are more relevant to the user at the top of their feed.

These algorithms prioritize content that users enjoy, comment on, share, and engage with the most. Therefore, businesses must create content with their audience in mind to increase engagement and visibility on various platforms.

How do Social Media Algorithms Work?

Each social media platform’s algorithms work differently. However, most algorithms prioritize content based on engagement and relevance. Here is how algorithms work on popular platforms:


Facebook’s algorithm, EdgeRank, prioritizes content based on engagement. It measures engagement through metrics such as likes, comments, shares, and reactions.

Pages that generate high engagement levels will have their content displayed more frequently. Additionally, the algorithm uses relevance to display personalized content tailored to each user’s interests.


The Twitter algorithm, RealGraph, works by displaying tweets on a user’s news feed based on their relevance to the user. Tweets with high engagement rates and retweets will appear at the top of users’ feeds. The algorithm also looks for accounts that engage with users and content that appears in users’ timelines.


The LinkedIn algorithm uses a variety of factors to determine what shows up in its news feed. LinkedIn’s algorithm prioritizes content that users engage with most.

The algorithm takes into account user interaction, including comments, likes, shares, and other post engagements. Also, it documents conversations and comments from a user’s connections to ensure that content from relevant sources ends up on top of their feed.


Instagram’s algorithm prioritizes content based on the user’s engagement rate with the account. The algorithm looks at factors such as post-performance (discoverability, engagement rate), posting consistency, audience engagement, and responsiveness.

Social media marketing guides and experts must upgrade their strategies on Instagram to increase engagement and visibility on the platform. Instagram is a platform that offers promising prospects to businesses across diverse verticals, which is why keeping up with the trends and upgrading is crucial.

With these insights, social media marketers can develop strategies that align with each platform’s algorithms to increase engagement rates and reach.

Strategies to Succeed in Social Media Marketing in 2023

Focus on Relevance and Quality

Relevance and impactfulness are essential for social media strategies to succeed in 2023. Social media algorithms prioritize high-quality, compelling content relevant to various audience segments as per the business vertical. Businesses can achieve this by creating personalized content and targeting specific audiences based on their interests and behavior.

Don’t Ignore Lesser-Known Platforms

For many businesses, it’s all about discovering new social media platforms. While popular platforms like Facebook and Instagram are essential for social media marketing, taking advantage of lesser-known platforms can make a difference.

Even platforms such as TikTok, primarily meant for entertainment, can provide unique marketing opportunities, helping increase brand awareness.

Optimize Visual Content

In 2023, visual content will continue to play a crucial role in social media marketing. Visual content such as images, videos, and GIFs have a higher engagement rate than text-based content.

Social media marketers can create visually appealing content that resonates with their audience by using high-quality images, animations, and videos.

Prioritize Community Engagement

Engaging with your audience is crucial to building a community of loyal followers. Social media platform algorithms prioritize content that drives engagement.

Social media marketers should focus on creating conversations with their audience through commenting, direct messaging, and discussions. This helps build a more loyal and engaged customer base.

Social media algorithms are complex, but understanding their role and how to adapt your strategy to these algorithms can increase engagement rates and help you reach your social media goals. Strategies such as relevance and quality, engaging with your audience, optimizing visual content, and adapting to new social media platforms are essential in succeeding with social media marketing in 2023.

VSF Marketing knows that the proper use of these algorithms can benefit businesses by enhancing their visibility, reach, and engagement rates. This is how we craft the ultimate guide for social media marketing in Tampa for several businesses. Connect with us to devise a plan that aligns with the dynamic world of social media algorithms.

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