What is SEO? 5 SEO Rules You Should Know

What is SEO? 5 SEO Rules You Should Know

Our Tampa SEO Company Will Explain ” What SEO Is”

What is SEO? SEO Rules You Should Know 

tampa seo companyMany smaller businesses are struggling to generate new leads. A major part of the problem is that their SEO company uses out-of-date strategies. Search engine optimization today is more about delivering valuable content to your audience and showing search engines that you provide the information that people are looking for.
Search engines will evolve in the next few years, but the following rules will probably still apply. Remember these rules and you’ll stand a better chance of ranking higher in search engine results pages:

  1. Search Engines Value Trust Signals

Buying links or stuffing your pages with too many keywords is no longer an option. Google and other search engines will just penalize your website. Quality inbound links, well-written content, good reviews and testimonials, clear contact information, and social media profiles all help to build your authority.

  1. Established Sites Have the Advantage

Search engines generally give a higher-ranking value to websites that have been operating for a longer time. Websites that are regularly updated with fresh content and have quality inbound links are also seen as more relevant. This is why it’s crucial to get your website indexed properly now.

  1. Quality Counts

Don’t use link-generating or article spinning software if you’re serious about getting higher rankings. Engagement with your website counts as a ranking factor, so the trick is to keep visitors on your site for longer with clear navigation and helpful information.

  1. Useful Content Ranks Higher

Your SEO services company should be developing content that answers the most common questions from your target audience. Search engines want to return the most relevant results, so you need content that is optimized for your users.

  1. Mobile and Local Search Optimization Are Essential

If your site isn’t mobile friendly, your search rankings will suffer. Make sure your website is mobile responsive so that the design will work on any device. Mobile searches are growing every day, especially local searches, so you should be performing local SEO. This means optimizing your on-page content, directory listings, and social media profiles with location-specific content.


If you’re asking: “What is SEO?” remember these five rules to give your website the competitive edge.
Does your Tampa SEO agency follow these guidelines?

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