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Better Understanding Of Mobile Websites

Mobile Websites

It is virtually impossible to plan an online business today without considering mobile websites and mobile marketing seriously.
The statistics that underpin the potency of both mobile marketing and mobile websites are simply too overwhelming to ignore.
According to eMarketer, prominent online marketing analysts, an estimated 73.4% of internet users accessed the web using a mobile device in 2013. This figure is emphatic and it is still not the final point as the projections reach 79.1% for 2014 and 90.1% for 2017.


Mobile websites are actually web pages that are optimized for viewing on small screens such as tablets and phone screens as well as imprecise finger tapping for navigation. Tablet screens are typically 10 inches diagonal (although, there are smaller ones such as the 7 inch) while smartphone screens are typically 4 inches diagonal (although larger ones such as 5 inches are also available). Other features include less space and widgets, difference in the URL (typically includes an ‘m’ e.g. m.yahoo.com) and imprecision of finger tapping. Mobile web penetration has its highest numbers in North America with 57.6% in 2013, projected to rise to 64.4% in 2014 and it is projected that in 2014, 48.9% of mobile phone users will use mobile web once a month globally.


Mobile marketing is regarded as the future of marketing and considering the statistics provided above, it is not difficult to see the reason why. Mobile marketing refers to marketing activities carried out on or with a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.

There are also some very compelling statistics specific to mobile marketing and these indicate the growing attachment of Americans to their mobile devices. Research shows that while 40% of shoppers admitted consulting at least three channels before making a purchase, 52% of them use their mobile devices to research the product in-store. Four out of five shoppers have indicated using their smartphones to shop while 70% of mobile searches typically result in online action within an hour.