July 2, 2014

Mobile Website Design Services

Tampa Mobile Website Design Services

Mobile Responsive Website

Adapting to the rapidly evolving online landscape is a fundamental necessity today and only businesses that are able to achieve this constant adaptation, survive and indeed, thrive. One of the most critical changes in the online marketing landscape is the growing use of mobile devices which include smartphones and tablets. This growing use cannot be ignored by business owners especially those whose businesses meet the needs of the ‘mobile’ population. According to the Denver Post, 20% of U.S. Internet traffic originates from mobile while 26% of small businesses have mobile sites. Gartner also predicts that by 2015, 50% of web sales will originate from mobile and social sources.


All these simply add up to the necessity of having a dedicated mobile website for businesses that have high user interaction and mobile functionality. Businesses that entail user actions such as product purchase, user profile creation and access, filling various forms and interaction with other website users definitely require dedicated mobile websites that have features supporting those actions.

Consumers who buy on the internet use a mobile device, get a mobile website from VSF Marketing.

Mobile websites help users by providing enhanced features supporting frequently taken actions such as navigation and data entry thus making the user experience a seamless and efficient one.

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