August 19, 2021


If you are a business owner, what is it that you want most for your business? The one thing that will excite you the most is sales. The more your service or product sells, the higher it will take your business. Digital marketing is crucial, but only if it has effective lead generation ideas because that’s what will eventually guide the customer towards making a purchase. So, if you have a digital marketing service helping you, you should know what lead generation best practices they follow.

What is Lead Generation?

Let’s start from the top. Whether you are a small local business or a giant enterprise, lead generation is vital, without which all digital marketing efforts are futile. So, what is lead generation?

Lead generation is the process of attracting prospective buyers and attempting to push them to make the purchase. It sounds simple, but it’s not because a lot of effort and planning goes behind acquiring a lead. There are several lead generation ideas that agencies utilize.

Lead Generation Best Practices

All companies spend to promote their brand in order to increase their sales. Effective digital marketing is a sure-fire way to make your business visible, better its reputation, and generate leads that convert to sales. A reliable online marketing company will strategize lead generation ideas to attain maximum gains. Read on to know some of the best lead generation best practices.

  1. Content for Lead Generation
    Content marketing is an excellent way for your business to thrive. Content marketers know that the key ingredient in making content successful is to have an effective strategy beforehand, but it also depends on how interactive and well-produced your content is. Interactive content creates engagement with customers and captures potential leads interested in what you offer upfront! There are several content media- blogs, videos, audio- you may use to reach your lead generation goal.
  2. Real-time sales assistance
    When it comes to customer service, there are two options: live chat and phone. Live chat is the most preferred way for many customers, especially those who use their smartphone or tablet as the primary means of communication with businesses. Real-time assistance from a company’s support team ensures faster resolution of issues the customers might face. This will help in bettering the impression of your company, hence improving sales prospects.
  3. Automation
    Chatbots are quickly replacing customer service helplines in the modern age. Using bots to automate sales tasks has become increasingly popular (also among B2B companies) because it allows them more time for other important marketing and advertising strategies. Businesses can also configure chatbots to pre-qualify leads when their own sales agents aren’t available, which means never having an unanswered call again!
  4. Social Media
    Social media can play a crucial role, especially for small business lead generation. It not only reaches a wider customer base but also allows targeted marketing and immensely helps in building online reputation. And the platform is a great leveler. You don’t need to be a big business spending way too much money to really stand out on this platform. Build a good social media strategy, and it will get you leads. You can employ different ways to attract customers. You can use effective advertising to drive customers to subscribe to your page or have small contests for people to participate.
  5. Landing Pages and Call To Action 
    One of the essential lead generation ideas is to have landing pages for your brand with compelling calls to action (CTA). Landing pages are focused and distinct from your homepage. It is used to collect user information and create prospects for sales. Besides, you must have effective CTAs to drive the visitor to make the purchase. They should not only be for your landing pages but all pages of your website.
  6. Email Marketing
    Email marketing is an important tool for small business lead generation. It can be used to reach and engage targeted customers. It is one of the more effective lead generation ideas. However, it’s not just about having customers sign up. You need a proper strategy to nurture those prospective customers.
  7. Popups
    Try to use attractive popups to generate leads. It will not only engage them with the information you want to give them but also provide a platform for you to give striking CTAs. Hence it can prove to be a great lead generation idea.

All the lead generation best practices we talked about are applicable for business-to-business (B2B) lead generation as well, but there is a fundamental difference. While business-to-consumer (B2C) lead generation needs to be more emotional and connect with the customer at a personal level, your B2B lead generation ideas need to be implemented in a more directed and to the point way. Moreover, it is a slower process, and sales may take a long time to convert.


Understanding buyer personas can mean the difference between a successful and unsuccessful business. B2B or B2C, it doesn’t matter: if you don’t know who your customers are, how they behave, and what channels work best to interact with them, all your efforts will go down in flames. Lead generation is an ongoing process that needs continuous attention from marketers for effective engagement.

A reliable lead generation agency can assist you by applying efficient lead generation ideas in the best way possible to bring you organic leads that may have a higher chance to convert.

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