Increase Your Mobile Traffic On Search Engines

Increase Your Mobile Traffic On Search Engines

Nine Essential Steps to Increase
Your Mobile Traffic

TMOBILE TRAFFICToday, the best SEO companies are taking advantage of the mobile revolution to increase web traffic and sales. More consumers than ever before are using mobile devices to research companies and shop online, so if you ignore mobile, you’re also ignoring many potential customers.

As a Tampa SEO agency, we still come across many small and medium sized-businesses that are not mobile-ready. If you think you’ve fallen behind, here are nine ways to boost your mobile traffic and strengthen your online marketing power.


  1. Prioritize Responsive Design

It sounds obvious, but we know some web design companies in Tampa that don’t prioritize mobile-friendly design. But it’s crucial; not only for SEO, but for the customer experience.

  1. Analyze Your Mobile Traffic

Do you know which keywords are driving mobile traffic to your website? If not, check your Google Search Console to find out, or ask your SEO company for help. This way, you can see which keywords to focus on in the future.

  1. Remove Intrusive Ads

Google recently began penalizing mobile sites that showed too many pop-up ads. To maximize your search engine rankings, remove ads that block important content, especially on your homepage.

  1. Get Your Business Listed

List your business on platforms like Google My Business, Yahoo Local, Yelp, and Bing Places for Business. It will give you more credibility and drive more mobile traffic to your site.

  1. Use Location-Based Ads

You can set up your pay-per-click ads to appear to users in specific locations. Don’t miss out on this huge opportunity to attract local customers.

  1. Optimize Page Speed

Faster-loading web pages will strengthen your search engine rankings. Ask your web designer if they’re familiar with Google’s PageSpeed Insights, a tool that analyzes web pages and suggests how to make them load faster.

  1. Get Social

To increase mobile traffic, promote your website on your social media channels and publish more social media content. Make sure you include links to your website, and place social media links and sharing buttons on your site.

  1. Improve Site Navigation

Mobile users will leave your website if it’s hard to navigate. Make sure your site’s layout is simple and user-friendly. Put key information and calls-to-action near the top of your homepage. Ask your web design firm for help.

  1. Use Videos

Many people prefer to watch rather than read content. Including a helpful video on your site can boost your search engine rankings, attract more customers from search listings, and retain site visitors.

Gain the Mobile Advantage

These nine tips are a great place to start if you want to improve your mobile traffic and stay ahead of the competition. By following these steps, you should be able to reach a wider audience, drive more web traffic, and convert more visitors into customers.

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