August 11, 2015

Quality Web Leads With Smart SEO

Smart Seo

Do You Want More Qualified Web Leads, Make Sure Your Ranking Organically!

It’s more cost effective than many other digital marketing strategies
Organic search can drive even more traffic than paid search
You’re competing with many other businesses in your niche

When you get it right, SEO should boost brand awareness, increase qualified web leads, and drive sales. If you’re not attracting the quality web leads, you need to improve the quality of your organic search traffic.

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Focus on Keyword Phrases That Show Buying Intent

The keyword phrases that are driving people to your site should show buying intent. To find out, you need to check your Google Analytics reports to determine which phrases people are using before they land on your site. For my site, instead of using phrases like “digital marketing company,” which will send only general traffic, I try to use phrases like “top digital marketing company in Pinellas”. Really, it’s just common sense, but many businesses still forget to focus on keyword phrases that match up with search queries of their potential customers. So select these types of keyword phrases that have less competition, and ones that are ultra relevant to your business.

Use Content That Boosts Engagement

Because Google measures engagement statistics such as bounce rates, time spent on your website, and page visits, it’s important to pay attention to on-site SEO. This means delivering a user-friendly website experience through clear design and compelling copy. It should also meet the expectations of search engines like Google and also your target audience.

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Beyond Ranking

Today, just getting high search engine rankings isn’t enough. It’s fine to attract web traffic with the right keywords, but if your site doesn’t meet the high standards expected by your visitors, people won’t stay on your site, and this will be reflected in your long-term search rankings. Therefore, focus on the needs of your audience. Deliver content that addresses the pain points of potential customers and encourages visitors to take further action.

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Are you working with a digital marketing specialist that understands how to use SEO, web design, content marketing, and social media marketing to generate better quality leads for your business? Contact VSF Marketing for help with all of the above and more.

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