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Five Ways to Increase LinkedIn Visitor Traffic

Aaron Hurlburt Social Media

Increase LinkedIn Visitor Traffic

Maximize your visibility on LinkedIn with the following keyword strategies:

  • For your name, add a comma after your surname and then include your target keyword phrase.
  • For example, “Williams, digital marketing specialist
  • Expand on your headline. For example, “CEO, digital marketing, website design, and social media advertising agency”
  • Customize anchor text for website links. Select “Contact Info,” “Websites,” and “Other,” then add a
    keyword-rich phrase like “My digital marketing website”
  • Ask your LinkedIn contacts for more endorsements for certain skills, and join relevant LinkedIn Groups
  • Add a variety of keyword phrases to other sections (Experience, Projects, Certifications, Skills,
    Summary, and Interests)

LinkedIn is a great channel for driving web traffic, but first you need to get found. Maximize your visibility on LinkedIn with these keyword strategies.linkedin