October 12, 2021

Five Important Differences Between Landing Page and Home Page

If you think a landing page is the same as your website’s homepage, you can’t be more wrong! And, the fundamental difference between the landing page and the home page is the purpose. While the objective of a landing page is sales, and it focuses on leads, signups, sales, and conversions, that of the homepage is to give the consumer information about your brand and products and is meant for website presence and digital marketing strategy.

Let’s understand the key differences between the landing page and the home page. Here are a few reasons both the pages need to be created differently, no matter what your business is.


You can say that the landing page is like a flyer that covers less content, and the homepage is like a whole catalog that covers many aspects of your business. The focus of a landing page is to help businesses rank as per one keyword or key phrase; this is done to generate sales-ready leads and strategically direct visitors towards the subscription/sales form. When it comes to the homepage, which is the meeting point of many external and internal links, several topics are covered. So for digital marketing and search ranking, the number of focus keywords is higher than that of a landing page.


This is a significant difference between the home page and the landing page. Whenever we create a landing page, there’s one requirement that needs to be fulfilled- call-to-action because a landing page is meant to persuade a visitor to convert into a consumer. The homepage, on the contrary, is not made for this purpose alone. It’s like an introduction to your business and should comprise details about your operations, experience, products, and services. The landing page and home page serve different purposes, even though the main goal for both of them is to generate leads and boost sales.


When we talk about the content difference between landing and home pages, there’s a big one that businesses need to recognize. When we create a landing page, the goal is to educate the visitor about one topic/product/service not just to generate leads but also to convert them. In the case of a homepage, it’s is a whole different game because the content needs to be an overview of your business. You need to pack it with a lot of information and cannot live by the adage less is more; the reason being the fact that visitors expect more details in this part of your website. While both landing pages and home pages need to have targeted and compelling content, the latter needs to educate visitors regarding the business values, pain points of the target audience, and possible solutions that can be provided. And unlike the homepage, a landing page needs to be more sales-oriented than informative.


The template of a landing page needs to be easily recognizable. All you need for it to work is explanatory content, along with elements like images, demo teaser video, or even an EBook link that can support it. There are a lot of trends that businesses are following these days when it comes to the design of landing pages. For instance, you can create one that opens like a pop-up on your homepage. However, designs like these can sometimes be quite annoying if there’s no way for the visitor to opt out and explore the rest of the website. Consulting landing page designers is recommended if you wish to add a pop-up on your homepage. When we talk about the homepage, the design is far more complicated, and one can express a lot of creativity over here; what needs to be taken care of is that there is enough content to be crawled through in search.


The goals of both the landing page and home page are quite different. The landing page is developed to facilitate immediate conversions, which is why the sales/conversion form needs to be at the top. Businesses need multiple landing pages to boost sales and drive diverse conversions. When it comes to the homepage, the visitor has a choice to opt for what he wishes to explore more. There’s a menu of services and products to select from, and the visitor can choose the one that is relevant to his needs. Also, the visitor can choose his actions too; he can either read unique content or explore different features and can even get in touch with a business. Creating a homepage is like deciding a meeting point, where all types of buyers can begin their journey or stop by for quick information.

In a nutshell, it can be said that the key difference between the home page and landing page is that while the former is like a map of your website, the latter facilitates a specific buyer journey that can cater to a particular type of audience. However, to make the most out of both the landing page and home page, do make sure that you understand the strategic differences in keyword targeting, content writing, and designing. This will help in generating optimum results and profits from every page of your website. Apart from all this, it is crucial to get homepage and landing page design services. With professional expertise, you can ensure that the overall look and feel are impactful and appealing.

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