November 10, 2021

What Is The Difference Between Domain and Hosting?

Having a website isn’t enough in the digital realm. You need to understand the workings of your website in order to get acquainted with the performance parameters. One of the most crucial aspects that you need to grasp is the difference between domain and hosting. For someone who knows about what websites are and how they work, this is no rocket science. However, those who lack the technical knowledge require a simple explanation that doesn’t comprise jargon words. The following blog is a brief introduction to the difference between website hosting and domain names. Read on to know what both of them represent and how they are interconnected.

Domain Name

Just like your home or workplace has an address that helps people find your location on the map, your website has an address too. The World Wide Web is a vast place, and when you enter a business name, you get many options on the search page. In this situation, your users need to know exactly where your website is and what is your address, AKA domain name is. The users can simply type this address on the search bar of the browser to access your website. As you understand what the difference between web hosting and domain name is, you need to be clear that the domain name also helps your website proclaim a place on the Internet.

What Does Domain Name Comprise Of?

A domain name has two sections that are separated by a dot. The first part of the domain name is the name of the business, organization, or individual who holds rights over the website. The second part of the domain name is mainly .com, .org, .net, .in,, etc. Each domain name is a unique identity, and there can be only one of its kind. Just like the address of your home, your website’s address should be unique so that the users can find it easily.

Web Hosting

The content of your website needs a storage location, which is what web hosting is all about. It’s like a place that houses your website. The main difference between domain and hosting service is that while the former is the address of the website, the latter serves as a residence for all the content files on the server. However, it is essential to have both of them in order to run a website as they play an equally important role.

How Are Web Hosting Domain Name Connected?

Now, as you understand the significant difference between domain and hosting, here’s how both are connected. When a person enters the domain name on a web browser, it points the user to the stored files of your website. This is how one can view any website online and reach it with a unique identity that the URL represents. Both of them are required not just to create but run your website.

How To Get A Domain Name?

To get a domain name, you need to contact a business that is into domain registration. Once you have purchased a domain name, you will be required to renew it every year to run your website as long as you wish to. This contract should be renewed before the expiry date so that your website can run seamlessly.

How To Get Web Hosting?

For this, you will have to get website hosting services. These services comprise a hosting plan that is linked with your website’s domain name. After this, you will have to install WordPress or any other type of website software, along with plugins and tools. Once done, content can be added to your website, and it will be live for the users to discover and view.

Can You Get Web Hosting Domain Name From The Same Business?

If you have recently started work on a new website, this might be one of the burning questions you have. The answer to this is yes, you can hire a website hosting company that works as a domain registrar. Having a single point of contact for both hosting and domain is, in fact, a better idea. The service provider will have the responsibility of maintaining your presence online and handling tasks like domain renewal on your behalf.


Now that the difference between domain and hosting is clear, you can certainly recognize the significance of both for your website’s presence online. To make sure that both of them are handled well, hire a credible hosting and domain service provider.

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