google algorithm update

Google Algorithm Update: Don’t Panic, Just Adapt!

Aaron Hurlburt SEO

Google frequently updates its algorithms. They claim to do it thousands of times each year. With billions of webpages on the internet, it’s crucial to sort them to make them available to the user. And Google uses ranking systems to do just that. With more and more data piling up, new Google algorithm updates are crucial to keep the system running smoothly. Google …

Local Business Reviews

Local Business Reviews: Why They’re Important & How to Get Them

Aaron Hurlburt SEO

Have you ever gone ahead with a cleaning service, for example, or bought a microwave online because your friend did and was satisfied with it? Surely you have. Word of mouth has been a reliable marketing tool. However, as the world has advanced towards a digital world, businesses have had to alter their marketing strategies. People now google local business reviews and …

How to Rank Higher on Google: All You Need to Know about Local SEO Tactics

Aaron Hurlburt SEO

Any business with a brick and mortar establishment needs to amp up their local SEO tactics if they want to stay relevant. Staying visible online might seem like a daunting task if you’re not particularly well versed with its technical side. And the majority of local business owners don’t have time to understand all of this anyway. But don’t worry, …

use of social media

Build Amazing Customer Relationships with the Best Ways to Use of Social Media

Aaron Hurlburt SEO

Customers today make their perception of a brand after engaging meaningfully. And the use of social media is key to such engagements. When used correctly, your social channels have the potential to build lasting connections and brand loyalty. We have listed six amazing examples of such use. Personalized Conversations and Quick Responses A standard automated message may not be sufficient …

Small Business SEO Checklist

Small Business SEO Checklist: Best Ways to Improve Ranking

Aaron Hurlburt SEO

If you feel that the SEO landscape is confusing and foreign, you might be in need of better professional advice. There is plenty that can be accomplished even if you don’t have in-depth SEO knowledge. And if you are a small business, things get all the more versatile as you start your SEO strategies from scratch. While hiring a professional …

local SEO guide

The Ultimate Local SEO Guide to Crush Your Competition in 2021

Aaron Hurlburt SEO

Ranking on Google Local Search is a matter of survival The Snack pack (Local Search Results has a Three-Pack of the top results called the Google SnackPack) has been whittled down to three local results from five. Your chances of being seen on the first page for the local results have been cut in half right there. Not ranking in …

build successful SEO campaign

Steps to build a successful SEO campaign

Aaron Hurlburt SEO

Every business today needs a strong SEO campaign if they want to stay relevant in their respective industries. As the world continues to grow more digitized, maintaining a strong online presence is more important than ever before. And that means more competition to grab the most valuable digital real estate. This is where SEO comes into the picture. What does …

Optimize website

Optimize My Website For Semantic Search?

Aaron Hurlburt SEO

Optimize Your Website For Semantic Search Google and other search engines are now better at understanding the meaning behind users’ search engine queries. They take into account spelling variations, your search history, your location, and other factors to provide more relevant answers to search queries. The process is called semantic search, and your SEO company should know how to use …