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How VSF Propelled Sell My Hoopty’s Marketing Efforts towards Success
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Learn How VSF has Helped Sell My Hoopty Towards Success

After VSF stepped in and took over the project, there have been significant improvements for them across all digital
marketing channels. Not only have they witnessed a massive growth in website traffic but also a growing influx of
enquiries. Furthermore, VSF has helped the company dominate the first page of Google with search results showing
up on the first page for targeted search terms. Our improved version of their website has hugely improved
audience interaction and engagement with the business.


Sell My Hoopty wanted to market themselves as a leading junk cars dealer in Florida, offering cash in exchange of junk cars in Tampa. However, there were an array of problems with their existing marketing efforts such as:
  • A dearth of leads and enquiries from customers.
  • Lack of visibility on the internet.
  • Absence of a proper website.
  • Less number of website visitors.

The Highlights Of The Difference We Made

A boost in
website traffic
An influx of online enquiries as well as phone calls
Ranking on the first page of Google for organic search results
A new website that improved audience engagement

The Results of Paid Ad
Campaigns For Sell My Hoopty

After analyzing the client’s marketing needs, we came up with custom paid ad campaigns that have been driving immense success for their business.
A huge number of leads have come in via the paid ads- more than 642 to be specific.
There have been an additional 73 enquiries made by potential customers via phone calls, all as a result of VSF’s paid ad strategies.
There has been a massive spike in their brand awareness and the popularity of their brand name.
The total number of times the ads were displayed to customers is over 91,000 in number. This again displays the resounding success of the paid ad campaigns that VSF put together for this client.

How VSF’s Local Listings Helped Sell My Hoopty

Local pack listings and Google My Business optimization has proven to be extremely beneficial for the client’s online visibility and reach, specifically in case of local searches. There has been an obvious ease of enquiry for the customers via phone calls to the business, as well as over 880 profile views via the GMB listing. This had a huge role in the massive number of inquiries that the company received over the course of their collaboration with VSF.

In addition, there has been a growing awareness about the physical address of the client’s business. There have been, till date, a huge number of direction requests that customers have placed on Google via the listings.


The Client’s Ongoing Growth with VSF

If we compare the situation of the business before they started working with VSF, to their present day status, we can see from the Google Analytics data that:
There has been an overall growth of almost 200% in website traffic.
The number of new visitors that have reached the website of the business as a result of VSF’s efforts also has a huge spike of over 200%.
The user retention on the website has also increased owing to the design expertise of VSF’s web design team. The same growth can be seen in page views, sessions, decreased bounce rates and pages per session metrics.

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After working with multiple digital marketing companies and feeling dissatisfied every time, VSF came to us as a ray of hope. The entire team proved that they were different in so many ways and it has only helped us stay focused on the critical areas of our business while the experts handle the field of digital marketing.

- Sell My Hoopty

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After 20 years as a divorce attorney and relying on client referrals, I came to realize that ways of doing business had changed and I also needed to have a strong internet presence to be competitive with my younger colleagues.


Owner brandondivorcelawyer.com
I love VSF Marketing. They listens to all my needs and always find a solution. I have hired multiple companies but was not getting the results I wanted until I found them. Thank you for everything you do. You are the best


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I can't say enough about the great job Aarron did on redesigning our website and managing our social media for us, it completely turned our year around last year and continues to perform fantastically!


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