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Oliveira Pavers
Oliveira Pavers

A few stats about how VSF’s digital solutions helped
Oliveira Pavers

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Oliveira Pavers Local Rank

Among the major problems that were bothering Oliveira Pavers was a lack of quality leads, low quality web design and poor marketing strategies. However, ever since VSF took over the marketing reigns for the client, there have been significant improvements like:

  • A total growth in overall website traffic.
  • A huge influx of enquiries from potential customers, leading to the brand’s positioning as one of the most trusted in their niche market.
  • Ranking first on the first page of Google in organic rankings for target keywords.
  • A growing number of enquiries via website and phone.
  • Improved audience interaction and engagement due to better website design and optimization.

Success Story of Our Paid Ad Campaigns for Oliveira Pavers

VSF’s paid advertisement services have proven to be extremely helpful for Oliveira Pavers’s branding and online image. Not only have we succeeded in getting the client 40+ leads through ads alone but also, helped them get additional website visits of over 20,000 resulting in a massive spike in their overall brand awareness.
  • Oliveira Pavers received over 37 enquiries from customers via phone calls as a result of our Google Ads campaigns.
  • The total number of times the ads were displayed to visitors searching for their services was more than a whopping million!
Oliveira Pavers Keywords
Oliveira Pavers GMB

How VSF’s Local Listings Strategy panned Out for Oliveira Pavers

Our range of local listing services, especially Google My Business, have proved to be extremely helpful for the local branding of Oliveira Pavers. Ever since we took over this project, there has been a growing incidence of direction requests placed by customers on Google via GMB listing. The exact number for this is over 21, in just a short span of time. GMB listings have also created an ease of enquiry as the business is more reachable to potential leads.

Oliveira Pavers Continues to Grow with VSF

A comparison of this client’s earlier online performance with their current status (after their association with VSF) gives further insights into how we have been helping them grow through multiple digital channels. The following figures are based on real-time Google Analytics data:
  • There has been an overall growth of 300% in website traffic.
  • The number of new visitors to their site has witnessed a huge spike of another 320%.
  • There has been an increase in their user retention rate owing to the design prowess of VSF’s web designers and developers. This improvement is visible in their page views, sessions, decreased bounce rates and pages per session metrics.
Oliveira Pavers Analytics

Let’s Get Started with A Digital Strategy that is Tailor-Made for You!

Call us today to learn more about how our digital solutions can boost your online presence, just like they did for our client. Depending on the unique aspects of your business, our professionals promise their expertise that will help you become the next inspiring success.

There has been a huge improvement in our overall digital strategy ever since Aaron and his team came on board. They have helped us boost our revenue by helping us achieve our marketing goals effectively.

-Oliveira Pavers

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