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Best Price Dumpster Rentals
Best Price Dumpster Rentals

A few stats about how VSF’s digital solutions helped
Best Price Dumpster Rental

Total Website Traffic Reached
Total Leads Achieved
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Best Price Dumpster Rentals Local rank

After analyzing the marketing efforts by Best Price Dumpster Rental, we came up with tweaks and improvements specifically crafted for their business needs. These tactics aimed to solve the client’s major problems such as:

  • Lack of leads/enquiries from customers
  • Lack of visibility on the internet
  • Lack of website visitors
  • Lack of a professional website design
  • Poor quality content.

Our solutions ensured that over the coming months, the client could witness remarkable growth in website traffic, search engine ranking, user retention and more. VSF helped the company dominate the first page of Google with first position rankings in both local as well as organic results for a specific set of target keywords.

How VSF’s Paid Ad Campaigns Boosted the Client’s Growth

The client benefitted greatly from our Paid Ad services. Studying data from Google Analytics proves this fact in the following ways.
  • A huge number of leads, 58 to be specific, came in through paid ads.
  • An additional 54 enquiries were made by customers via phone calls as a result of VSF’s dedicated Google Ads efforts.
  • There was a tremendous increase in their website visits resulting in a huge rise in overall brand awareness and popularity.
  • The total number of times the ads were displayed to visitors was over 10,000 in number. The figure again displays the resounding success of the paid ad campaigns that VSF put together for this client.
Best Price Dumpster Rentals Keywords
Best Price Dumpster Rentals GMB

Business Growth with VSF’s Local Listings

There has been an obvious ease of enquiry for the customers via phone calls to the business. This was over 850 calls- 66 times in total when customers looked for directions to the client’s business through the GMB listings that we had optimized for Google. Over the course of their collaboration with VSF, Best Price Dumpster Rentals have been reaping the benefits of local listings continuously.

Consistent Growth with VSF Marketing

Google Analytics data clearly showcases the amazing improvement the client’s marketing strategies ever since their association with VSF. The company witnessed:
  • An overall growth of over 300% in website traffic.
  • A huge 300% increase in the number of new website visitors who have reached the brand via VSF’s branding efforts.
  • Higher user retention because of better web content and design.
  • Improvement in page views and sessions.
  • Decline in bounce rates.
Best Price Dumpster Rentals Analytics

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There couldn’t have been a better team helping us improve our position in the digital market place. The professionals at VSF sure know the tricks of the trade and are always ready to come up with creative ways of implementing the right strategies.

-Best Price Dumpster Rentals

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