Business Search Engine Optimization

Aaron Hurlburt SEO, Website Designer

What Is Business Search Engine Optimization

Business Search Engine Optimization

The term Business Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is stereo-typically attributed to major online marketing campaigns and massive budgets. While this may be true of many online brands, especially retail brands, SEO is just as useful for small businesses operating in localities and leveraging Business Search Engine Optimization to gain visibility as well as generate leads. Adapting the principles of Search Engine Optimization for local marketing requires knowledge of Business Search Engine Optimization to start with.

  1. Location-based Keywords: The people in the locality where your business is sited will have keywords that are popular and most relevant to them and of course, your business. Determining those local keywords is critical to getting good traction from your local marketing efforts. The keywords embedded in your website should include geographic information such as your city and county among others.
  2. Keywords Inclusion: When creating and setting up web pages, it is important that the relevant keywords and key phrases be included in every page of the website. By doing this, people searching are more likely to find your website since it will have a higher ranking.
  3. Research customer search patterns to find out the keywords they are using: It is very important to discern the keywords being used by your customers in their search for services/products similar to your in your locality. Find out whether there are keywords they are using in their search which you do not have embedded in your website. If there are, you need to add them so that you also show up in visible positions in the rankings.
  4. Use robust online tools: There are quite a number of tools available online among them, Google Places which enables you list your products/services. There is also the Google keyword tool which makes it easy for business owners to determine the phrases that are popularly used to search for and find your products online.