January 30, 2016

Benefits WordPress Websites

Nine Awesome Benefits WordPress Websites Have To Offer Small Business

Benefits WordPress Websites

WordPress websites have become one of the most affordable website platforms for small to medium sized businesses, and with good reason.
No longer just for bloggers, WordPress has evolved into a versatile content management system (CMS).

Let’s look at why WordPress websites are the smart choice for business owners today.

  1. They’re flexible. One of the best things about WordPress websites is that you can easily change and update them to suit your business and marketing goals. If you have Internet access, you can add new content whenever you like and wherever you are.
  2. They’re affordable. Unlike traditionally designed websites, you don’t have to keep paying your designer to add a new page or a simple piece of text. Simply make the changes yourself.
  3. They’re search engine friendly. WordPress website code is “cleaner” than traditional websites, which search engines find easier to index. Adding fresh content is easy too, so you can maximize relevant keywords to boost search rankings. WordPress plugins will also increase your SEO power.
  4. Easily integrate social media. It’s simple to link your blog posts to your social media accounts. This will drive more web traffic to your social media accounts, and increase links back to your site.
  5. Content scheduling. You don’t have to publish new content straight away. You can write several posts, upload them, and then schedule an automatic publication date for each post.
  6. Blog Integration. As WordPress was created for bloggers, it has some of the best tools for delivering a more attractive, user-friendly business blog, which will boost audience engagement.
  7. They’re mobile responsive. WordPress sites can detect when users are on a mobile device, automatically changing settings for the optimum viewing experience.
  8. They’re secure. As long as your WordPress site is updated frequently and maintained correctly they’re just as secure as traditional websites, sometimes more so.
  9. Powerful functionality. With the addition of a few plugins, your site can grow into a powerful marketing machine. Whether it’s a shopping cart, analytics tool, or popup tool you’re after, there’s a plugin to suit your goals.
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