May 27, 2017

Eight Web Design Elements

Eight Web Design Elements to Improve Your Ecommerce Sales

A great-looking ecommerce web design is key to retaining customers, but how do you actually maximize sales on your ecommerce store? Here are some of the most important design elements every ecommerce website should have:
Web Design Elements

A Site-Wide Search Tool: The more quickly you can help visitors find what they’re looking for, the more sales you’ll close. Make sure your web design incorporates an easy-to-find search function that stands out on the page. Your web designer will know the best position for it and what colors to use.

Security Information: Your potential customers want to know that their personal information is safe. Display trust badges and highlight your site security measures with clear copy throughout your product pages.

Mobile Responsiveness:More than ever before, consumers are researching products and making purchases using their mobile devices. If your website isn’t compatible and doesn’t look good across all devices, you’re basically driving potential customers elsewhere.

Clear Delivery and Returns Information:Online shoppers want to know important information like shipping costs, delivery times, and your returns policy during their research process. Make sure these details are made clear on their journey toward the checkout, not only when they get there.

An Accessible Shopping Cart: Ask any web designer and they’ll tell you that the shopping cart must be displayed prominently on an ecommerce site. Customers need to be able to quickly find their cart, see what’s in it, and add to it when required.

Fast Site Speed: Fast page loading times are especially important for ecommerce sites, where there are often more pages for visitors to browse. Make sure your web designers are optimizing your site to maximize load times.

Strong Images: Do your product images help visitors make a purchase decision? Each image should clearly show the product, give an indication of size, and show hidden features when possible. This can be achieved with multiple views.

Ratings and Reviews: Ratings have the power to improve the credibility of your brand and attractiveness of your products. Reviews can also help answer key questions potential customers have. Encourage customer reviews. Most shoppers today expect them.

Looking for a Reliable Tampa Website Design Company?

Remember, you may have great products or a great service, but you need to prove this to your visitors. Great web design that improves the user experience is key. Hopefully these tips will help you improve the visitor experience and send more people to your checkout!

VSF Marketing has years of experience in custom web design and website development. We support many businesses in the ecommerce sector, and we know how to use design to maximize profits. Get in touch to find out more.

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